Mommies Anecdotes: Jack the Puppy

Hey, and Happy Friday!

I don't have much to report today. Though my son is every growing and changing, and being slightly condescending, he hasn't done anything note worthy this week.

So, on that note,

Maybe I introduce you to Jack the Puppy!

As some of you may know, Mr. Olive has had a slight change in his work situation. For the better, I think. He is no longer away from home countless weeks of the year (okay, most weeks of the year) but rather is pushing a desk (for the same company) and has a day job. Though the hours vary, some days longer than others, he is able to sleep in his own bed every night. And works a set schedule of 9 on, 5 off. Big changes, if you knew and understood what he did previously.

Now, since this has been a change for the better, and I refuse to create any more spawn for Mr. Olive, after much deliberation, we have gotten a puppy.

He is a 4 month old, adorable Catahoula Leopard and I love him to pieces.

We've had him about a month and I've managed to teach him lots already! He sits, stays, leaves it, shakes a paw, lays down and comes (so far) when he is called! I'm amazed at how smart and loveable he is, despite me being completely leery about getting a dog, let alone, a puppy.

We work every day in trying to make him a well rounded, trained puppy and I have high hopes. I've done research, I've added new tricks to his training schedule and tomorrow, he is going to attend Puppy Kindergarten for the first time.

I'm nervous. Beyond nervous.

You see, it was made abundantly clear before getting said dog that I would not, under any circumstances, pick up poop. Now, let me just say this, because I know it sounds terrible, but I puke. I am a puker. It's bad. Really bad. Sometimes I amaze myself at the situations, smells or what have you that manage to make me puke.
I was one of those pathetic parents that had to have a garbage can right beside the change table. Not for easy clean-up but rather, because if my sons poop looked or smelled gross, or was everywhere, even between his toes, I puked.
I don't clean up puke either, mine, the kids, or the dogs. You know why? Because I just make a bigger mess by adding my own puke to the pile.
Even day old food, or the thought that the milk could be (but probably isn't) expired makes me gag, and if I've recently eaten, puke. It's a problem, and I've considered going to some sort of support group.

Now, back to Jack. His first puppy class. I'm nervous because it has been decided that I would take Jack to class. I'm the one who has put so much work into training him in the short amount of time we've had him. If it wasn't for me (being at home) Jack probably wouldn't know anything.
But what if he poops?
I dread this while I take him on walks. What if he poops. I carry the poop bags with me, and worry about the fact if I have to use them. Is it worse to leave dog poop on the sidewalk, or someone's lawn or puke?

Like my son, Jack seems to understand we don't poop (or puke) when mommy is alone. He's done great thus far. He will however poop (or puke, he got car sick once) while daddy is around. Go him. Daddy was able to clean it up!

So maybe I'm worried about nothing. Maybe the class will go off without a hitch. Or maybe I'll make a complete ass out of myself when Jack poops, in front of a crowd of people, and his owner (me) is gagging and puking, trying to clean it up.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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