Ten Book Confessions: Mr. Olive

I was sitting down to lunch with Mr. Olive the other day, and asked him a favour. Now, most often he likes to stay behind the scenes when it comes to my authorly life, so this was going to force him to step in front of the light.

Honestly, I was pretty sure he'd say no, but I asked anyway. I asked if he'd like to partake in my 10 Book Confessions Blog Segment. You see, Mr. Olive is an avid reader, and he loves me, so of course, he always surprises me! He gets brownie points for this, definitely, and continues to be the world's most awesome husband.

So, as a special treat, here are...
Mr. Olive's 10 Book Confessions!

1. Part A. I read the Twilight Saga because my wife asked me to. They weren't horrible, but they weren't great.

1. Part B. I read the Mortal Instruments and The Hunger Games Trilogy because my wife asked me to, and I'm sure she'll ask me to read many other books.

2. If a book is really good, I'll read it again. And maybe again after that. I've read Frank Herbert's Dune series a few times.

3. I own all the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Series, in hardcover, 15 so far. I've yet to read them all though.

4. I've read and own all Anne Rice's Vampire Novels before Vampires came back in popularity. That's right. Vampires were way cooler before they sparkled.

5. I was one of the only kids in my high school class that read books for fun.

6. Once I was given an English assignment to write a 14 Page essay on one of the novels I had read. I summed up the entire novel in 14 paragraphs and called it good. I was always a reader, but never a writer. I think I might have failed that paper.

7. The first real chapter book I read was White Fang by Jack London. I was 10 or so. And to this day it's still one of my favourites.

8. The worst book I read was Music of the Spheres by Elizabeth Redfern. I still own it. Which means I suffer through bad books but refuse to get rid of them.

9. When I read paperbacks I barely open them. I DO NOT crack the spine. When I'm done reading them, they're still in mint condition. On my shelf you can't tell which ones I've read or not. But you can tell which ones I've lent out. Some people are forever banned from borrowing my books.

10. I might be the only guy that asked for a really big dictionary for Christmas. For my library of books. I got one.

11. My wife has published 2 books and has written countless others. I've only ever read one so far... That probably doesn't make me look very good does it?

If you'd like to participate and share your own 10 Book Confessions, I'm always in need! Just shoot me an email, I have tons of dates open for you to confess your bookish sins!

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