Roswell Read-a-Thon: The Vanished (Book Seven)

Monday, 20 August 2012 11:29 by Avery Olive

Happy Roswell Day! Sorry I’m a little behind on my postings! Things have been a little crazy around here J Anyway, we’re up to book seven, The Vanished.

Right away, I’m going to be honest and say, sadly, I think this was my least favourite book. For some reason I had a really hard time getting into it. It took me almost three times as long to get in and finish it.

Now, I’m not saying it was written poorly, or that the story line, itself, wasn’t interesting, it just didn’t... click with me. You know, I’m sure it’s happened to you with other books. But, because I never like to put a book down, I struggled through, and then I was pleasantly surprised. Once I got past the 50% mark, things really picked up.

This book is all about Alex, in a way. The Stowaway left off with us finding out that Alex was unknowingly sent through a portal/wormhole thing to the alien’s home planet. So, this book is all about trying to get him back.

We get to see how the loss of Alex affects everyone through their POV’s which is great. We see Isabel miss him, feeling guilty. Max blames himself, of course. Maria is worried. She’s probably one of the closest to him. Liz is all about optimism too...

This book, in away reminds me about the episodes from the TV show, where Alex is gone to Switzerland but not quite the same, since... well... if you’ve seen the show, you know all about the trip and how that ended.  

Everyone in the book seems to come up with their own ways to helping Alex. But the team decides finding their spaceship is the best bet. It’s fun to see them working together. It’s amazing what these aliens can do. They can move mountains... well, okay, maybe not, but pretty close. After digging an amazing hole into the ground, they spot the spaceship. All is good. Not.

The team realizes they’ve been followed and after making a quick getaway they contemplate who it could be... Dupris, clean slate, or some other new threat. And when they think they are safe, and go back to the ship... it’s gone.

There was a lot of back and forth in this book, about what to do, what not to do, what everyone is thinking, feeling... and I think that’s why it didn’t sit well with me. I wanted them to dive in, and see some action.

And they do...

We see some not so good moments with Max and Liz, and might I say, their relationship is on the rocks, not that Max would know that J But I’m worried. Liz has also been spending quite a bit of time with Adam, and well, we know how he feels about her. It’s not a good combination, that’s for sure. I see some major problems in the future with this relationship, especially now that it almost has a third wheel.

I love Isabel. I really do. And she takes this in her own hands. I wonder if when Alex get’s back, they’ll get back together— I’m taking a cue from the show of course, and wondering if they took a cue from later books. Either way, now that Isabel has come to her senses, realized how great Alex really is, and that she didn’t treat him the best, they might have a fighting chance.

Michael and Maria... They are becoming friends. And that’s good. I was worried they might not be able to jump back from Michael not choosing her.

Now, onto the important stuff. The group uncovers some very interesting things. A connection between the late Sheriff Valenti and (insert name here) I can’t tell you who it is, for the sake of not spoiling it. But let me tell you, it was quite a shock.

Isabel for a moment takes things into her own hands. She zeros in on (insert name here) finding information that may help the team.

Adam gets to use some of the talents he posses that the other aliens don’t have. It’s so cute to be inside his head.

Now, numerous things go down at the end of this book. Like I said, quite shocking. Clean slate has developed a weapon that can kill aliens, only aliens, the group find Dupris, his hideout and the ship. Though their rescue plan doesn’t go quite as well as they hoped.

By the end of the novel, Alex still isn’t home L Dupris has taken off, again, with the ship but the team might have someone on their side that could help them in the future.

I’m interested to see how the next novel plays out. A few things have been brought up that I’d like to see more resolution or explanation too...

Alright, how about some predictions?

In the TV show Max and Liz were apart more than once. And I’m sorry to say, folks, but I think that might happen here. I think they will spend some time apart in the coming books. I just hope Liz doesn’t do anything she’ll regret like making a move with Adam.

I’m going to bet that the group get’s Alex home the next novel. I think it’s been played out as long as it can, he needs to come home and the next obstacle needs to be made known.

And... I wonder... will the person who gave the aliens a helping hand in this novel be around in the future ones? Since Valenti died and didn’t get to be on the good side like I had hoped (and what happened in the show) maybe this character will take that place?

Well, that’s all for now! I can’t wait to dig into The Rebel, Book eight. I’m getting sad that the series is drawing to a closed, only three more to go!

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