Roswell Read-a-Thon: The Rebel (Book Eight)

Wow, life sure takes you for a spin, sometimes! These last few weeks have been CRAZY and I just sort of letting a few things slip, and I’m sorry Roswell Fans but my post is one of the things that got knocked down the list.

But, I’m back! Okay, sort of, because now I’m really behind. Last time I posted, I thought I was behind, but I was actually early J However, there’s no mistaking how behind I am now! I’m going to seriously play catch up, I swear, because I NEED to finish these books. It’s a sad, sad day when I don’t even have time to read.

So, this week, it’s The Rebel, wait, no, let me go back and check. Yes! Yes, it is The Rebel, sorry about that, I swear my mind is going.

Alex is back! I know some of you (even me) were seriously missing him. Though I’m happy to see him return home safely, or mostly safely, I must say, I almost wished the gang would have gotten to use that spaceship and fly home.

This book, and some of the moments surrounding Alex really did remind me of an episode or two of the TV Series. I’m sure you know the ones I’m talking about! When Alex comes back from his trip. There’s just sort of an air about him. He’s gaining more attention. People are seeing things in him that they wouldn’t have noticed before. Even Isabel is wondering if she made a mistake.

I love Alex, I love the attention he’s getting, and I love that he’s back!

But, he didn’t come back alone. Someone can through the wormholey/portal with him. Now, I normally hate spoilers but it’s hard to talk about this book without giving away a bit. But I will do my best not to mention anything about the new alien that has joined the gang.

He’s hot. He’s got all that mystery going on and he’s the one connection Max, Isabel and Michael need when it comes to learning more about their home planet. But the new alien is all good. He’s definitely got a few things up his sleeve. But we’ll leave that for now.

Because OMG I totally thought Michael and Maria were going to get together this book. I love them as a couple, I do. They so don’t make sense sometimes but it just seems to work for them, like it did in the TV Show. But Maria’s brother goes *gasp* missing!

Everyone points there finger at the new alien, especially Alex who believes he not only wants him dead he wants to take something that was given to him on his journey.

This causes a lot of tension within the group, people choose sides and it’s not pretty.

Of course we learn who really took Maria’s brother and it’s an old friend, well, okay, not really, but he’s had a few camo’s in the books.

There’s some other pressing matters going on between Max and Liz and AWE! They’ve come to a point in their relationship where decisions need to be made. Max is spending all his time with the consciousness (which the whole thing still creeps me out) we learn more about them and I along with a few others don’t think it’s all that good. I think a soon as the Akino happened, Max lost a part of himself. And Liz certainly sees it, and she’s feeling a little left out and lost.

This book really gives us a few hints about that the next two books are going to be about and what the team is working towards.

There’s still a dangerous alien on the loose—Dupris, there’s a new alien that seems to have chosen the wrong side. Another human that whether anyone likes it or not has been thrown into the mix. And not all relationships are in tacked by the end of this book, while others are definitely moving in the right direction.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Melinda Metz book if there wasn’t a dramatic cliffhanger at the end, and this book follows that same form. There’s quite a big one and WOW.

I usually hate cliffhangers, but Mrs. Metz does it so well. Of course her writing this time around is flawless as usual. She’s able to hop from one head to another and do it so well, giving each character (and there is a lot) their own voice and is able to stick with it. Though this may not be an absolute favourite, it is pretty high up on the list!
Next up—and if I can find the time to finish it—TheDark One

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