Roswell Read-a-Thon: The Stowaway (Book Six)

Well, wouldn’t you know it, it’s Roswell day again! Today we’ve got Book Six, The Stowaway on the brain.

This book continues right where the last one left off. Michael has been rescued from the compound, thank god!

But there are a lot of things up in the air. Adam is not the innocent know nothing alien he appeared to be at first glance. He did some terrible things in the last book, and now he might have to pay for his actions.

Much of this book is a lot of back and forth about what should be done about the new alien amongst the group. Whether he should be killed right now, or taken under their wing in hopes that his evil streak was simply an act of desperation.

There’s a lot of time, in my opinion spent on devising a plan about what to do with Adam that it takes away from some of the other things going on. In the end they decide to keep him as sort of a hostage until they can come up with something more concrete. The group decides to take shifts, keeping the alien at Ray’s apartment above the UFO Museum.

In this novel we see quite a bit of Michael, Isabel and Maria and even a new human addition from the Compound. They all seem to want a piece of him, and sadly there just isn’t enough to go around. Amidst the more pressing matters Maria gives Michael an ultimatum—choose Isabel or her, and it doesn’t go as planned, at all. When he makes his choice, he does what most even tempered males would do, maybe out of spite and maybe because he just doesn’t know the right answer, he chooses no one.

Or maybe not?

He’s got quite a connection with Cameron, and it might just cost him more than his friendship with Maria and Isabel. She’s got a lot of secrets, we got a small taste of what they were in the last novel, but now she might have to come clean, or runaway.

Max and Liz have a few very intimate moments. We see their relationship grow even more. Between the thoughts of both characters they totally have this swoony-worthy love that would make anyone envious.

But there’s always something brewing. The alien Adam isn’t himself, even more so than before, after tearing apart the apartment on the search for an item and whatever is inside of him, evil as Liz believes, latches onto Isabel.

And the Stowaway? It’s a very unlikely suspect. I must say I didn’t see it coming. He’s been living in Roswell for the better part of 40 years, he’s angry, he’s diabolical and he wants something the group has. The Ring from Nickolas, the ring that gave Maria her powers, it’s the stolen stone from the initial crash talked about in The Seeker.

In a showdown that leaves you with another insane cliffhanger. We see just how powerful the group is. Together they get a plan, they put it into motion and the save the day... or so they thought. Instead of ridding the Earth from the dangerous Stowaway alien, they unknowingly send Alex to another planet. End scene. I know, my god!

This was a good book, not my favourite thus far, but hey I’ve got several more to go. I’m happy we learn who the Stowaway is, however I’m not convinced, a few things just don’t add up. Answers I hope we get in the coming books, like how did Nickolas gain possession of the ring? It’s never been made clear.

How many more aliens are alive from the crash? Good, bad or otherwise? I’m starting to lose count, and it’s getting a little confusing.

We know Adam was being controlled, along with Isabel through the Stowaway’s power, but I think we need some more insight on Adam as well. I almost want to believe he’s not who he says he is.

In this book we learn more about Max’s Akino. It’s a very interesting concept to say the least, it gives him a connection to his home planet where he’s able to gather up information they are willing to share with him. It also gives him a few interesting side effects.

The entire thing is really quite interesting.

I’m very intrigued about how the next novel will play out, Alex is no longer on earth, the stowaway is still alive and kicking, Maria and Michael’s barely there friendship/relationship is at a standstill and Isabel is back to being lonely and alone—which is something that sadly happened to her way more than she deserved in the TV Show.

Mrs. Metz continues to write an interesting, action filled novel. The plot continues to thicken however I’m a little worried about how everything will be tied up in the end—thankfully we have numerous books still left in the series.
Up next, we have, The Vanished!

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