Fun Recipe: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Monday, 13 August 2012 13:20 by Avery Olive

BBQ Chicken Pizza Cooked on the BBQ

First off I used a Pampered Chef BBQ Pizza Pan, though I’m sure you can buy them elsewhere J A friend of mine had a party and the consultant made the pizza, so how could I resist? Though I’ve vamped up the recipe and made it my own.

You’re going to have to make your own Pizza Dough. I used store bought stuff the first time and it didn’t work out, like, at all.

So, here’s the recipe I used for the dough, you’ll want to make it just before using! It’s a very soft thin crust pizza, and the recipe makes enough for 2 12inch pizzas!

Pizza Dough
Time: 1hr 30Min

2 ¼ Tsp Fast Active Yeast (one of those small envelopes is the right amount)
½ Tsp Brown Sugar
1 ½ Cups warm water
1 Tsp Salt
2 Tbs Oil (Olive or Vegetable works fine)
3 1/3 Cups All Purpose Flour

In a large bowl (or your mixer, though I did mine by hand) dissolve the yeast and sugar in the warm water. Let it sit for ten minutes. If your yeast is alive and healthy it should bubble up or foam a little.

Stir in salt, oil and mix in 2 ½ Cups of your flour. Again I did this by hand, it was quite sticky. If you use your mixer, with a dough hook on low speed slowly add the flour, then turn it up to medium and it’s ready when it pulls away from the sides and forms a ball, you’ll probably end up using all the flour.

If by hand, once you have the flour mixed in, turn it out on a clean, floured surface and begin kneading in the last of the flour until the dough is no long sticky, but soft and springy.

Place into a WELL oiled bowl and cover with a clean dish towel, leaving out a room temperature to rise for 1 Hour by then it should have doubled in size.

Punch down dough, turn out and form into two balls of equal sizes, let rest for a few minutes before rolling out.

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Time: hard to say J

Premade dough
Cooked chicken breast (one breast flattened out slightly makes enough for 2 pizzas.)
I cup of Pinapple Tidbits (drain very well or your pizza will be soggy)
I cup of Red Bell pepper-diced
I cup of Red Onion-diced
4 cups of grated cheese (I used old chedder (sharp) and mozzarella)
Approximately 2 cups of your favorite sweet and tangy BBQ Sauce ( I used a DR. Pepper sauce I found on a trip to Radium BC)

While your dough is rising, pre-cook your chicken on the BBQ, slathering with BBQ sauce. Or used leftover chicken. Cut into bite sized cubes.

Dice your vegetables, grate your cheese and drain your pineapples. Grab a cocktail and sit back while you wait for your dough to rise.

Okay, that’s enough drinking...

Pre-heat your BBQ. Crank it up to FULL. Roll out your dough into a 12 inch round, and place onto your greased (with PAM cooking spray) metal pizza pan. If your pan as slits in it for air, DO NOT press down!!!! You’re dough will sink into the crevices, burning it and making it near impossible to release from the pan. Just lay it down gently, tuck in the sides if you have to but that’s it. Step away...

Spoon on half of your sauce, or really how every much you want, keeping in mind you don’t want a soggy pizza. Sprinkle your sauced dough with your pepper, onion and pineapple.  Layer your chicken and then top with half of the cheese (if you are making two pizzas)

Now you are ready for the BBQ. Place the pizza (in the pan) directly onto your grill, close the lid and turn down your BBQ to LOW. The temperature has probably sky rocketed, or is hovering around 500, which is good. You are more using the residual heat to bake your pizza.

It will only take 3-6 minutes... NO JOKE. Keep an eye on it! You want the cheese melted, the edges to puff up and turn slightly golden, and you want the bottom brown and not burnt. You want to check on it half way through and turn the pan for even cooking if need be.

THIS MIGHT TAKE PRACTISE! I had to make the pizza twice before I got the cooking down pat. It was a little tricky and I didn’t keep close enough of an eye on it. You want to peek at it as little as possible to keep the heat inside, and the lid closed.

But the end result is to die for!! This might be my new favourite and it costs a lot less than ordering take-out!

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