Taking a Blog Break!

All the Christmas hoopla is over... which really just means that the fun and exciting part of Christmas is now part of the past, and as per usual the daunting task of cleaning, organizing, purging and the like is among us.
So, I figure it is the perfect time to take a bit of a blog break, replacing typed words with de-tinseling my tree, storing ornaments, and as I mentioned above, cleaning and organizing.

At the first of the month, it had looked like Christmas had come and threw up all over my house, leaving behind, not chunks of nasty food, but lights, cards, tinsel, tree needles, gift papers and lame nick-nacks that I am ashamed to admit I own, and happily set out during Christmas. But now... well, it looks like someone just plain threw up. I have boxes, and tiny bags, left over wrapping squished into every nook and cranny, tape and bows stuck to the walls, holiday cards on every surface and a fridge full of leftovers that has probably started to turn and grow fuzz.

So, sadly, I think all the above needs to be taken care of in a timely matter which will probably leave little time for extra-curricular activities.

But, before I dash away I'd like to leave you with a few things...

First and foremost, though I'm a little behind, one should head on over to Read 2 Review, the wonderful gals and guys are having a very fun and festive contest with tons of great books up for grabs! They are celebrating (and true to form) their own 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! It's the Fourth Day.

Secondly, I'm in preparation for laying out my 2012 goals, assuming of course, the world does not end. It's customary I'm sure, among all of us, to lay out those resolutions that we in full force strive to accomplish. I'm not planning to add weight loss, or perhaps to quit smoking (I know, that's terrible, and really, really bad, but shh don't tell) or perhaps to be better at managing my money, or organzing my time. No, these goals are all of the strictly literary nature that I will be sure to share with you come the New Year.

Thirdly, in conjuction with the above I am planning out my TBR in 2012 list. That's right, I like to think about all the wonderful books out there that I want to immerse myself in, write them down and see, more seriously, how many I fail to cross off the list lol

Fourthly, and to be honest this should be number one... but, I'm not going to lie, procrastination might just be my middle name, I really do need to clean, organize, and purge!

So, I know it's upsetting but for the next 4 Days at the very least, I shall be indesposed. I wouldn't expect much from me in the way of blog post writing, but that doesn't mean I'll forget all you readers while I'm gone! Because I won't. Assuming of course, there really are readers... Someone is reading this, right? I mean, I hope so, or else this might be a waste of time. It's not though... I do have followers, which means that people must read!

Now, I am also cooking up some awesome things for 2012! So stay tuned.


2 Response to "Taking a Blog Break!"

  1. JeffO Says:

    *I'm* reading this. Or, I was. I'm probably not right now, but I did read this. Enjoy your break, take a breath, and come back nice and refreshed.

    'Looked like Christmas had come and threw up all over my house." Love it. Happy New Year!

  2. Avery Olive Says:

    Thanks JeffO! Hope you had a great Christmas!