13 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Are You a Winner?

So, I know some of you have been waiting for this all day! Sorry I'm a little late in posting this, the joy of Christmas was quite overwhelming and only now am I finding myself with a nice cup of coffee, quiet and time to relax.

I won't waste much time, I know we are all here for one reason... to see if you are a winner!!

Just a quick word though, I am missing e-mail addresses from some of you, so, I will mark it down by your name and sadly, you only have 72 hours to e-mail me, so I can forward your information to the right person, to get your prize to you in a timely fashion.

If you are missing your e-mail please, please e-mail me, so I don't have to choose enother winner HERE (click the green words for the address to appear)

Now, let's get on with it!!!

Day One with Avery Olive (1 journal, 1 book mark and awesome pens)
Lena! (please e-mail me)

Day Two with Dan Wright (One signed Trapped in Draconica plus one signed Omake)
Steven Whibley!

Day Three with Clare Marshall (One E-copy of Within)
Just Another Face! (please e-mail me)

Day Four with Hildie McQueen (One E-copy of Desperate Betrayal, bookmark and key chain)
miki! (Please e-mail me)

Day Five with Read 2 Review (10 E-book Bundle)

Day Six with Griffin Hayes (1 e-copy of Malice)
Tammy Ramey!

Day Seven with Clare Havens (1 of 3 E-copies of A Bella Street Mystery)
1. Krista
2. Sara Kalaitzidis (Please e-mail me)
3. MB (Please e-mail me)

Day Eight with Sherry Soule (1 E-copy of Beautifully Broken)
Lindsay K!

Day Nine with J.F. Jenkins (1 E-copy of Dragon's Saga and E-Copy of Vala)
Chantal Law!

Day Ten with Chelsea Fine (1 Signed Papercopy of Anew)

Day Eleven with Christine Ashworth (1 E-copy of Demon Soul)
Linda Henderson!

Day Twelve with Michelle Clay (1 E-copy of Bitter Black Kiss)

Day Thirteen with Cindy Young-Turner (1 E-copy of Thief of Hope)
April Plummer! (Please e-mail me)

Okay, wow, we've already given so much away but we aren't done yet. We had 245 Entries! Alright, this one's for all the marbles as they say...

And the winner, of the super huge and massive Grand Prize Giveaway Pot, new proud owner of so many new books and other cool stuff is... Drum Roll...


Congrats to Diana (please e-mail me so you can claim your prizes!!) and Congrats to all the other awesome winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated!!! This was a huge success and so much fun.

Now, Merry Christmas to all! Catch you on the flipside!

*** Winners, if you have not be contacted about receiving your prize within one week please e-mail me! ***

5 Response to "13 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Are You a Winner?"

  1. miki Says:

    Thanks you thanks you thanks youuuuuuu

    i'm so happy, you just made my Christmas magical thanks you a lot

    all the best

    ps: i just sent you an email

    again thanks you

  2. ArtemisG Says:

    Thank you very very very very much!!!!
    Congrats to all the winners.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. April Plummer Says:

    Thanks so much! I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas, and I thought I'd left my email address. Glad you were able to track me down! Thanks again.

  4. Erin Says:

    Thanks so much or taking the time to organize a fun contest! Not only did I win a book but I also learned about some awesome books that I would have never knew about!!

    Thanks again Avery and Thank-you to all of the authors that participated in the giveaways!!!

  5. Avery Olive Says:

    Thanks so much Erin, Diana, April and miki!

    I'm glad you had fun, learned something, and Won something!

    It was a pleasure and I hope to be able to organize more events like this in the feature. I couldn't have done it without the help from all the great authors who were able to participate!