Happy New Year!

Sunday, 1 January 2012 16:06 by Avery Olive

Well, a new year is upon us! Which means it's goal and resolution time. Have you planned out yours? I've taken the last few days off and really concentrated on cleaning up, winding down and planning out the next year.

So, this is what I anticipate to happen in the next year, assuming of course it doesn't end. So for good measure I will hope to have all this done, before December ;)

For the last few years I have been particpating in the 100 book challenge, where you try and read 100 books in a year.
Thus far I have yet to acheive that goal, so maybe for me it's a little bit unrealastic, so, I plan on 75. I WILL read 75 books this year. Last year I came in a little short of the goal, but this year I'm going to try really, really hard :)
Of those 75 books I plan to read more selfpublished, or small press published books by fellow authors. It's about time I support them even more!

Next on my list, is to write at least one new manuscript. I've started a few, only to not finish, or go crazy trying to figure out how to make something work. So, this year, one completely new fresh manuscript of a completely new concept!

However, I can't get away from sequels. There is possibly a few sequels to novels I've already finished, that need to be written. So I also hope to work on, if not finish a few sequels.

I also plan on attending a least one literary convention of some sort. There are a few in my area, and a few in other provinces that I've been eyeing up. Of course I have some of the big ones in the USA on my list, but until I start making loads of dough, for now I will have to settle for something more local :)

Since Stiff Kiss is nearing completion (no firm release date as of late, sorry) I do hope to organize at least one book signing. I know they are really not as huge of a deal as they used to be, but it's something I've always wanted to do. I really want to sit in a bookstore (or some other venue) pens laid out before me, maybe some swag and hope, probably pray that people will come and want me to sign their copy of MY BOOK! I just think it would be such a rush and super fun.

Alright, I think that's about it. Of course I have some smaller goals, but these are the bigger ones! I hope everyone can achieve their goals too! But remember, even if you don't, it's still a success because you tried! That's all anyone can every do, or expect, at least you tried :)

2 Response to "Happy New Year!"

  1. Hildie McQueen Says:

    Happy New Year Avery! You've got some ambitious goals, cheers!

  2. Kate Evangelista Says:

    Still reading this. And that scene with Jem and Tessa! Hot!