13 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day Eleven!

The Eleventh Day of Christmas Giveaways is featuring a fellow Crescent Moon Press Author, the lovely Christine Ashworth! She’s got for us a great blurb, an eye-catching cover and a even a mini-interview! Oh, and what makes this day even better? She’s going to give away a E-Copy of her novel, Demon Soul, she’s also going to add a $15 Amazon gift card to the already over-stuffed Grand Prize Giveaway Pot!
Now, why don’t we learn about Christine first, and then I’ll get to her awesome novel J

Christine Ashworth is a native of Southern California. The daughter of a writer and a psych major, she fell asleep to the sound of her father's Royal manual typewriter for years. In a very real way, being a writer is in her blood-her father sold his first novel before he turned forty; her brother sold his first book before he turned twenty-five.
At the tender age of seventeen, Christine fell in love with a man she met while dancing in a ballet company. She married the brilliant actor/dancer/painter/music man, and they now have two tall sons who are as brilliant as their parents, which keeps the dinner conversation lively.
Christine's two dogs rule the outside, defending her vegetable garden from the squirrels, while a polydactyl rescue cat named Zaphod holds court inside the house. Everything else is in a state of flux, leaving her home life a cross between an improv class and a think-tank for the defense of humans against zombies and demons.

You can find Christine on her blog, she does Tweet and of course, she’s got a great Facebook page too!

That’s an awesome Bio! I wish my sounded near as good. Note to self, work on writing a better bio! So, now that we’ve learned about Christine, why don’t we learn about Demon Soul, shall we?

…to retrieve his soul…Gabriel Caine stands on the edge of the abyss. A vampire has stolen his soul and if he doesn’t get it back soon, his next step will be into hell.
…she’ll become fire…Rose Walters has been sent back from the dead to complete one task – save Gabriel Caine. But this muscled guy in leather, black jeans and a dangerous aura didn’t look like he needed anyone’s help.
Rose has touched the whole of Gabriel, making him yearn for a love he believes he can never have. Her willingness to put her human life on the line for him forces him to bring all three parts of himself – demon, human and Fae bloodlines, and the traps and gifts of each – into harmony, and into the fight that will decide their fate.

My gosh that is one great blurb! And the cover, it’s so enticing, I love it! Now, if you are desperate to rush out a grab a copy now, and can’t wait and see if you’ve won, you can buy it directly from Crescent Moon Press, or pick it up from Amazon!

Christine was kind enough to stick around an answer a few questions, giving us an even deeper look at her novel Demon Soul!

What would be the main theme song for your novel?
The Doors’ Light My Fire
Can you come up with a one sentence super awesome tag line? 
…to retrieve his soul, she’ll become fire…
If you had to choose movie stars to play your main characters who would they be?
Carey Mulligan as Rose, and…hm…
If you remember, what were you doing when for Demon Soul suddenly hit?
I had already written the book and it wasn't a very good book at that point. Then I took a workshop with Bob Mayer and felt pretty silly, talking about demons and vampires to this military guy, and I talked about the vampire stealing Gabriel's soul, and how only Rose could retrieve it but I wasn't sure how that part would work.
Bob thought about it, and he said to me, "What if Rose is a Soul Chalice?" Everyone in the room gasped, and I knew. The whole book shifted sideways and tons of other possibilities opened up to me.

Thanks so much Christine for stopping by, answering some questions, being a part of the 13 Days of Christmas Giveaways, and of course, giving something away!!

Are you coming to the party late? Did you miss yesterday’s giveaway? Have no fear! You can use the linky’s below and enter any day you've missed—you have until Christmas Eve to get your name in the draws as well as getting your entries submitted for the Grand Prize Giveaway!

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    Hi Christine,
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    Happy Holiday Season.

  3. Christine Ashworth Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, ladies! Glad to see you - and hope you too are having a great holiday season!

  4. ArtemisG Says:

    Very beautiful cover! I love the line. Thank you for the great giveaway!

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    Doors´ Light my fire is one of my favorite songs! One more reason to read that book :)

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    Love the cover and the blurb! It looks like a great read!!!

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    This was so very interesting to see that a vampire has to find his soul and a girl who had died has to help him. This book is so very interesting!

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    oh boy that is one interesting blurb!!! :D i wanna read the book!
    email: cruz042 at cougars.csusm.edu

  9. Christine Ashworth Says:

    I hope you all win, lol! But if you don't - right now, it's going for $5.99 for the ebook at Amazon.

    Sarah - my hero isn't a vamp, sorry - the vamps in my book are the bad guys. But I hope you pick up the book anyway!

    Lena - there's a couple fantastic scenes in the book relating to fire...enjoy!

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    I love love love the cover of this book. It also sounds like a great read. I will have to start writing all these books down to read as they all are sounding great.

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