18 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Winners Announced!

Happy New Years! And Congrats to the 18 Days of Christmas Giveaways Winners!

The winners have been posted, and you all should be getting an email shortly :)

For everyone else, I'm sorry you didn't win, however, I thank you (and all the participants) I want to give you a super huge Thank You!

Day 1 Lindsey Loucks -- 1 Paper, 1 E of The Grave Winner 
Day 2 Michelle Clay -- 1 Ecopy of The Bad Wolf
Elvina R H
Day 3 Danielle DeVor -- Signed Bookmarks and Signed Postcard Lindsey L
Day 4 Joanne Brothwell -- 1 Ecopy The Eve Genome
Day 5 Rebecca Trogner -- 25 Amazon Gift Card
Amy H E
Day 6 Steven Whibley -- Glimpse and Relic Paperback set 
Glimpse and Relic Ebook set
Katie O
Day 7 Sasha Summer -- Signed Hollywood Holiday
Stacie M
Day 8 Wendy Russo --Prize Pack
Mary P
Day 9 Clare Marshall - Ecopy of Stars in Her eyes
Delphina M
Day 10 Maer Wilson -
 Ashley W
Day 11 Avery Olive - A Stiff Kiss Ecopy & Won't Let Go Ecopy 
 Sarah K
Day 12  Lynn Rush-- Violet Night Ebook Trilogy
Erin F
Day 13 Constance Phillips - 1 Backlist Ebook
Sarah K
Day 14 Lisa Pires -- Ecopy of The Portrait
Van P
Day 15 Cindy Young Turner - Ebook of Thief of Hope, Journey to Hope
Lindsay M
Day 16 Katie O'Sullivan -- Ecopy of Son of a Mermaid
Kortney N
Day 17 Shannon Eckrich --Ecopy The Other Side of Forever
Elijah S V
Day 18 December 22 -- Taria Reed -- iTunes Gift Card
Melissa J

If you are a winner and have not be contacted via email by the Author/Artist whose prize you've won, within 3 Days, please email me! Please understand that everyone gets busy. And the mail is slow! But I want to make sure everyone gets their prize in a timely fashion :)

3 Response to "18 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Winners Announced! "

  1. miki Says:

    i won?i WON!!!!! Thank you so much for making 2014 start on a positive note

    ii will wait patiently for the email and let you know



  2. Erin Says:

    Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for another great contest! I can't wait to read the Violet Night trilogy by Lynn Rush when I get my ecopy :)

  3. miki Says:

    I just received my book!! thank you so much once again!!!!