18 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 6 Steven Whibley

Day 6 is among us, and I want to welcome to the blog my long time friend and fellow Author Steven Whibley. He's got two books out in The Dean Curse Chronicles, Glimpse and Relic and a third, Impact on the way! And hey, fancy that, there are two different prizes to be won!

The Giveaway Today is:
A set of Paperback books (Glimpse and Relic)
A set of Ebooks (Glimpse and Relic)
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Now, on with the show! Welcome Steven! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How about in five words or less.

Dad. Writer. Adventure seeker.

Now why don’t you tell us a bit about The Dean Curse Chronicles in five words or less, of course J

24 hours to save a life.

What is a holiday tradition that you could do without?

Opening gifts on Christmas Eve. I mean, c’mon, don’t give in to the excitement because you can’t last another few hours.

So, yeah... My family opens presents on Christmas Eve, but in my defense, we have a huge family, and if can't manage to fit them all in one day, so we always seem some of them on the Eve, which means presents!

You've recently moved into a newly decorated Gingerbread House and it's a little smaller than you're used to. It's only got room for two of your favourite books. What are they and why do you love them?

Hmm, well first, it’s about time I moved into a gingerbread house. It’s been a dream for as long as I can remember and I’m glad I’ve somehow convinced my wife it was a sound investment. The “favorite book” question is actually pretty hard for me. I don’t know if I really have two favorite books. I very rarely read the same book twice. I suppose if I had to pick I’d take The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas since that has been one book I’ve carried with me over the years. And for my second book I’d take Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. If I’m going to live in a fantasy house, it would be fitting to have one of the first novels that truly carried me into a fantasy world.

I wonder what kind of insurance you'd get on a Gingerbread house, I mean, would you have to put in a claim every time someone ate a gumdrop? Or licked the icing... Maybe not so much of a sound investment after all.

How did you get your start in writing, was it always your dream?

I’ve always loved literature, but writing wasn’t something I thought I’d be doing when I was young and mapping out my future. I kind of fell into it after an accident took me away from my day-job for a few months. It was one of those blessings-in-disguises I suppose.  

What is your least favourite part when it comes to novel writing?

Coming up with plot ideas is actually pretty easy. The ideas often come like stampeding rhinoceroses, so really the hard part is organizing the ideas in such a way that you can write the project your already working on, whilst retaining enough of the new idea to pick it  up once you're ready.

How do you find the time to write?

Well, a couple weeks ago my wife delivered our second child (a girl) and so lately writing has been a bit of a challenge. But once sleeping schedules settle into something a bit more predictable I will fall back into my routine of writing during the very, very early morning hours. I am typically up by three of four and I write until someone wakes up, usually by seven.

What is something you are looking forward to in 2014?

I have at least three other books I plan to release by the end 2014, so I’m excited about that. Plus, I have a book I’ve been working on for the better part of a year that I will be turning into my agent in the coming months. I’ve never worked on one novel for so long, and I am anxious to hear his thoughts on it.

What is one lesson you would tell aspiring writers that you've learned.

It’s a simple bit of advice, but here it is: Read. I don’t know any writer who isn’t also a voracious reader.

Wow, some great advice, huge plans and well, a house made of candy and cookies, thanks so much for stopping by Steven!

Now, let's check out those covers and blurb!

“Save them, Dean. Save them all….”

In Glimpse, Dean Curse avoids attention the way his best friend Colin avoids common sense. Which is why he isn’t   happy about being Abbotsford’s latest local hero – having saved the life of a stranger, he is now front page news. Dean’s reason for avoiding the limelight? Ever since his heroic act, he’s been having terrifying visions of people dying and they’re freaking him out so badly his psychologist father just might have him committed. Dean wants nothing more than to lay low and let life get back to normal.

But when Dean’s visions start to come true, and people really start dying, he has to race against the clock – literally – to figure out what’s happening. Is this power of premonition a curse? Or is Dean gifted with the ability to save people from horrible fates? The answer will be the difference between life and death.

The story of Fourteen-year-old Dean Curse continues in Relic! Dean is still having horrifying visions of the soon-to-be-dead. But after saving his sister, he sees it for the gift the mysterious society intended it to be.

So far, Dean’s ability has cost him a few broken bones and a standing appointment at group therapy. But those are small sacrifices compared to the lives he’s saved. But now, Dean—and his best friends, Colin and Lisa—are forced to make hard decisions that could get them in serious trouble with the law. They have less than twenty-four hours to decide if a few wrongs really can make a right.

And stay tuned for Impact, Book 3 in The Dean Curse Chronicles, were Dean and his friends are at it again!



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