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Welcome to Day 11 of the 18 Days of Christmas Giveaways! Today is special for all sorts of reason. One, it's Day 11, which means I'm taking over my own blog lol and posting some goodies. Two, it is my 200th blog post! And three, I am finally releasing the cover and blurb for my upcoming novel, Won't Let Go! Also, as a special treat, I'm going to reveal an exclusive first look excerpt, not to mention, I've got an awesome giveaway two lucky winners will be chosen.

So, let's get right too it, shall we?
The Giveaway Today is:
An Ecopy of A Stiff Kiss
An Ecopy ARC of Won't Let Go
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Now, let's check out the cover and blurb!

Seventeen-year-old Alexia Stone never wanted to move cross country. And she certainly never wanted to share her new bedroom with an amnesiac ghostboy desperate for her help.

But after setting aside the assumption she’s gone crazy, Alexia engages in the impossible—she agrees to help the ghost discover who he was and what happened to him. Convinced this mystery is what’s keeping the phantom in the world of the living, Alexia puts her heart on the line to find out what his unfinished business might be.

Ultimately, Alexia must decide what’s more important to her—keeping her phantom boyfriend or helping him finally find peace in death. What she didn’t plan on was not having a choice. One of them must move on, but what if neither wants to let go?
Stay Tuned for Exact Release Date!

And now, for an exclusive first look!

And with a nod over his shoulder in my direction he says, “And that’s Alexia.”

            I give a curt nod and small smile. Stepping on the farthest point of the stair from the new hole, I grasp the railing. Just as my foot reaches the second step, something catches my eye.

            Up towards the sky, I scan the house, glimpsing a grimy window. A sheer curtain rustles. Squinting against the bright light of the sun, I see the curtain move again. This time a shadow, tall and lean, passes over the space.

            Instantly, cool air brushes my neck, hairs stand up on end and a creepy feeling tickles my spine. Shaking off the odd sensation, I look back to the window. The curtain hangs still and no shadow moves. I imagined the whole thing. Nothing there at all.

            “Well, nice to meet you all. Please, please come in and check out your new home.”

            Mr. Realtor holds the door open as we shuffle into the foyer. I want to say I’m awed, but I’m not. From this point all I can see are neat piles of boxes with Mom’s messy scrawl on the sides. It’s really hard to get the full picture.

            “The movers were here this morning. We tried to leave things organized. And missus also tidied up the kitchen and left a casserole in the fridge.” He pauses to wipe beads of sweat off his neck. “The rest of the house still needs a good once over.”

            The house itself feels about ten degrees warmer than outside. My black T-shirt is already clinging to my dampened skin. I’m guessing central air is a luxury I no longer have. Add that to the growing list of reasons why I hate this new life already.

            Only a second later I curse under my breath, knowing I promised myself and my mother I’d make the most of this new change. I can handle letting myself down, but her, on the other hand, not so much. I’ve sort of had my fill of that in the past. Letting her down, that is.

            Mom gazes around. “Oh Charles, look at this place! Isn’t it wonderful?” Both her face and voice are giddy with excitement. Mom points out a huge stone fireplace, tall ceilings, saying something about how a little fresh paint will brighten up the room.

            Speaking of...“So where’s my room?” I ask, trying to hide the small amount of excitement bubbling beneath the surface.

            “Oh honey. If the pictures do it justice, you’ll love it!” Mom smiles.

            Mr. Realtor coughs, rubbing his neck again. “It’s up the stairs. End of the hall.”

            Wasting no time, but still being vigilant, I race up the stairs and down the hall. If the rest of the house is any indication, the room will be a bit of a disappointment, but I cling to the hope that maybe I'm wrong. Grasping the crystal doorknob, I turn it and fling myself into my new room.

            I gasp, hand flying to my mouth.

            It’s not the drab sheers on the window, my four-poster bed leaning up against a wall, or the expanse of the room—filled with boxes—that’s caught my attention.

            No. That would be simple. Easy.

            Instead, I find myself staring at the back of a—person. It’s a he, tall and lean, wearing dark wash jeans and a gray T-shirt, and he’s standing right smack dab in the center of the space. His hair is short and sandy blond. Just as I’m about to speak, his head tilts to the right, and slowly, ever so slowly, he glances over his shoulder.

            Stormy blue eyes narrow at me as a small grin plays on his lips.

            Just when I think I’ve lost my mind—that a stranger in my house is bad enough—the person dissolves into a cloud of dust, swirling in the rays of sunlight brought in from the window until no trace is left.

            I scream. A fierce and terrified, bone-chilling scream that echoes through the room. It’s so loud. The air in my lungs is still expelling when faintly I hear the thud of footfalls frantically running up the stairs towards me...


And now for a little more about Avery! Feel free to click on the links, she likes to be stalked on the web!

            Avery Olive doesn't kiss and tell. Except when it comes to writing about hot supernatural guys. She lives with her husband and son in Red Deer, Alberta, where she spends way too much time reading, writing and avoiding house work.

She's the author of A Stiff Kiss, a young adult novel with is a morbid twist on a classic fairytale, in reverse, and Won't Let Go, involving an amnesic ghostboy who just won't move on.

What she is sure of, is that writing will always give her the chance to live adventures untold and hopes to release many more novels in the future.

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Other Books by Avery Olive
A Stiff Kiss
ISBN: 978-1-937254-33-9
ASIN: B0075M4KA2
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