Mommies Anecdotes: Child Labour?

 I didn't have time to write up a Mommies Anecdote today, so I leave you with this picture, instead. I call it Child Labour?

The other day, my son told me he was going outside to rake the leaves. I didn't ask for it to be done, but was happy when he offered to do the work.

As I was preparing supper, I'd check on him in the front yard and toss out words of encouragement, telling him how great a job he was doing.

However, it seems that raking leaves is hard work. And I caught him taking a nap, on the job. I watched him for about ten minutes. I'm not sure if he was actually sleeping, or just taking a rest, but the picture is priceless.

1 Response to "Mommies Anecdotes: Child Labour?"

  1. Kate Evangelista Says:

    Awww! *giggles*