10 Book Confessions: Suzy Vadori

Welcome to Monday! And another addition of 10 Book Confessions. Today's guest is aspiring writer, Suzy Vadori. Though she hasn't been published yet, expect to see her name grace book covers all over the world someday soon. She's talented and fun, and she's got some great stories to tell!


Never Before Shared – Top 10 Book Confessions of Suzy Vadori

1.        I would rather spend 8 hours by myself, in a seat, writing, than almost anything else.  I don’t eat or drink, and delay going pee as long as possible.  Just type… and type. 

2.       In my early 20’s, I tried to take up running, and used to go for short jaunts in the woods near my apartment at Yonge and St. Clair, Toronto.  Unfortunately, I had to go pretty slowly, because I had to keep looking away from my paperback to look at my feet so that I didn’t trip on roots.  Yes, in recent years I’ve found the treadmill more compatible to my reading habit.  Honestly, thinking of running for any period of time without something to read gives me the shakes.  

3.       I started my first novel at age twelve, after being inspired by Gordon Korman’s middle grade boarding school books, which he started writing at twelve.  I never did finish writing that first novel, though my current project is an older version of that boarding school setting, complete with late night sneak-outs from dorm rooms, which are totally inspired by the thrilling away-from-home world that Korman invented.   My seven year old daughter recently found Beware the Fish on my bedside table, and claimed it for her bookshelf. 

4.       I read all 3 books of the 50 Shades of Grey series in teeny tiny print on my iPhone, so that the other mommies couldn’t judge me while I read them at my kids’ swimming and gymnastics classes!

5.       If I’m really into a book and can’t put it down, it rides in the front seat of the car with me when I drive.  Don’t worry, I just need to have it close by.  Except sometimes I sneak a peek if a red light is particularly long.    

6.       I skim prologues.  Yawn.  But I love epilogues.   

7.       I put down a book if it suddenly explains its main character’s faults as being a result of molestation that happened as a kid.  And I never pick it up again.  Sorry, I think it’s overdone and I don’t enjoy reading about child abuse of any kind.  Honestly, to all writers out there - did you really need to go there?

8.       Using commas before “and” in a sentence gets edited out of my work all the time.  But I actually think a lot of times the sentence reads better with it, so I wish people could just get over it, and I could leave it in.  I left them in for this blog entry. J

9.       Historical fiction is by far my favourite genre to read.  But I hate research, and writing that way seems daunting, so I haven’t tackled a historical fiction project to date.  Maybe someday.

10.   I finished writing my first novel by writing everywhere - In the gym lobby (yes, I’ve been known to skip a workout when a story line is pressing), the local pub (they pour me a pint when I walk in), Starbucks (my table is actually very social, everyone in the neighbourhood stops to visit, though they all know I’m working and don’t stay long), and my personal favorite, the wine bar near my house, where the food is amazing and the wine is delicious.   Everywhere I write, I overstay my welcome, don’t look up, and generally get a ton of work done.   


Suzy Vadori is a Young Adult writer, currently seeking publication for her first novel.  She is an active member of the Calgary writing community, serving on the Board of Directors for the Aurora Award winning literary festival, When Words Collide (WWC) – which takes place annually in August. Suzy runs programming for the Children’s, Middle Grade and Young Adult portions of the WWC festival.  She also works full time as an Operations Professional, and lives in Calgary with her husband and three children.

Suzy can be found on her own Blog. But she can also be stalked on Twitter!  
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  1. Nicole Luiken Says:

    Reading is the only way to endure the tedium of exercising. And I will confess to having occasionally read while stuck in rush hour traffic... Hmmm, and I wrote my first novel at age 13, inspired in part by Gordon Korman.