Cover Reveal: The Stager by Jaidis Shaw

Welcome everyone to my humble abode. I want to take some time to introduce you to an amazing cover! This is for Jaidis Shaw’s upcoming release, The Stager, to be released April 2013!! And I’m so pleased that I am lucky enough to show with you the cover, the blurb and even a little excerpt!

So, without further ado…

Life is good for assassin Amelia Jay. With a supernatural gift that allows her to appear as anyone she chooses, Amelia views the world as her stage. Distracted by an unexpected pregnancy while on a job, Amelia’s world comes crashing down around her when she is forced to reveal her powers to the only man she has ever cared for.

Kingsley O’Hare may not be in a legal position of power, but under the surface he has the city at his disposal. From drugs to human trafficking, he has gained his fair share of enemies. When he learns about Amelia’s talents as an assassin, he knows he must have her on his team. So when Amelia walks out on his job offer, he thinks she is gone for good. That is, until she is faced with a dilemma and is forced to ask him for a favor.

Fulfilling her agreement with Kingsley, Amelia must decide if she is willing to give up the only lifestyle she has known in order to provide for her unborn child. When the decision is made for Amelia, she must stand up for those who are unable to fight for themselves, even if that means losing herself in the process. Will Amelia’s power be enough to save her?


And here’s a little excerpt, if the blurb and cover weren’t quite enough to grab your attention!

Victory was mine the day I saw my mother’s essence leave her body and wrap itself around me like a cloak. I had her memories, her skills, and her looks. I could be her forever – if I wanted. I sometimes find myself wondering if there is anything left between us that is redeemable but feeling the extent of her fear and disgust towards me now as it coursed through my veins, I knew there was nothing salvageable left. Instead, I shrugged her essence off of me and watched it return to the motionless body on the floor. The world became my stage and I was determined to play the lead role.

        Now, I am anything and anyone I want, because I am a Stager.

                        I am you.


You may read the complete prologue to The Stager on Jaidis’ Blog!

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