A Stiff Kiss Deleted Scene: With Landon Phoenix (1)

Alright, for your reading pleasure, allow me to introduce you to the first A Stiff Kiss Deleted Scene, with your host, Landon Phoenix! I’m not sure if I should give a little introduction or not, or rather let the excerpt speak for itself... But I will say, originally this would have been the first time we met A Stiff Kiss, the old Chapter 2!



As I step into the janitor’s closet, the darkness overwhelms me. I reach around beside the door fumbling to find the light switch, but can’t feel one. Instead, I wait in the pitch black, in the small tight and cramped space. I can feel broom handles poking me in the back, mop heads brushing up against my shoes. I try to stand straight, afraid of what else might jump out and touch me.
A few minutes pass and the door knob jiggles, my heart instantly speeds up because if it’s the janitor I’ll be in some serious shit. I’m relieved—only slightly—when Charity steps through the threshold and into my arms. I stiffen up and have to pry her off me.

“Why are you hanging out in the dark?” she asks as the door begins to slide closed, the last bit of light escaping into the hallway.

I shrug, even though she can’t see, and reply, “I couldn’t find the light switch.”

She lets out an annoyed sigh. Then almost instantly, and as if by a magical force, the tiny room is illuminated. Looking up I shake my head. Of course. The tiny pull string from the light is dangling in the air.

“I only have a few minutes. I’m in the washroom.” She holds up her hands and air quotes.

“So what was so important, you had to meet me, right now, in the janitor’s closet?”

At first this game was fun, sneak away, make out and return to class. It was like we are drug addicts, who needed a fix, and couldn’t wait until the end of the day. But now, with the final game of my high school career hanging in the balance, even the notion that I’ll be getting a full ride to the college of my choice just outside my grasp, and what lies beyond this town, this seems silly. Not to mention, I think I’ve attempted and failed to break up with Charity two times this week already. She just doesn’t seem to be getting the hint.

“This is what couldn’t wait.” She grins and pulls my head forcefully towards her, our lips meeting for a brief moment before I wrench away.

“No,” I say as I wipe her spit off my lips. “Remember, last night, when I said we should see other people? I meant it. Every word.”

Her eyes grow wide filling with tears. She’s going to cry, again.

“I don’t understand... I thought you loved me.” She frowns, then, a single tear rolls down her cheek.

I fight the urge to wipe it away with my finger. “I do love you, I’m just not... In love with you. It was great. It really was. But this has to stop. I mean you’re going to L.A. or wherever it was, and I’m going to college...”

“But—but it’s like a rule—head cheerleader marries high school sweetheart...”

“Right... ‘Cause that worked out so well for your parents. Aren’t they divorced? And mine... Who are we kidding? We’re teenagers, we don’t know what real love is. And I for one, am not willing to settle.”

Her face contorts angrily, red flushing her pale skin. “Fine! I’m sooo over you anyways; you are such an asshole, Landon Phoenix. I hope you lose tonight. I hope you have the worst goddamn game of your life.” She turns her body in a flurry of rage, hair whipping me in the face and storms out of the closet. And man I hope she gets it. That this was the last time we’ll have this conversation.

I don’t even let what she said bother me. Not while I’m preparing for the game. Tonight’s game is all that matters. And the full ride to college I’ll get when we win the State Championship. Nothing is going to stand in my way.


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