Roswell Read-a-Thon: The Watcher (Book Four)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012 15:27 by Avery Olive

Welcome back. If you’re here it may be because it’s Roswell day, or you could have stumbled upon my blog randomly—if that’s the case, hang up your jacket, stay awhile and have a look around.

For those of you who are here to read my next Roswell High Post... Let’s get on with this show!

Last week we left off with The Seeker, this week... it’s all about The Watcher.

As I had mentioned before the formula for Mrs. Metz seems to center around one or two characters more than the others. The Watcher is no exception. This book is all about Max. And wow, it was pulling at my heart strings just about every page.

In this book Max finds himself sick, okay maybe simply put, sick isn’t the best word, he’s more than sick, like may be dying sort of deal. The explanation for the cause of the illness that’s taken over Max’s body is... a little weak. I’m not sure I liked the idea’s surrounding it. But we’ll leave that for now and come back to it once we learn a little bit more J Probably in next week’s post.

Of course, you can imagine, if Max is sick, well, Liz is freaking out! She’s still doing everything she can to get Max to see that they should be together but to no avail. Max is desperate to keep her safe, even if it tear’s him up inside. Of course, there is one choice line when Max realizes he’s dying, something about he’d rather her have a dead friend, rather than a dead boyfriend. I thought it was admirable to think that that would make a difference, but of course, we know it to be a major cop out. However, towards the end we see hints that perhaps Max is changing his mind, little by little. In the TV they went a long time, quite a few episodes apart, even though they both desperately wanted to be together. Of course back them we demanded them to pick up the pace and express their undying love. It keeps readers and viewers at the edge of their seats, but in my opinion it’s gone on long enough. They need to be together. We see that, now let us have that satisfaction!

We also see a few interesting things happen between Michael and Maria. Just like in the TV show, the two are chemically charged by one another but... that I’ll love you to the ends of the earth attraction hasn’t fully blossomed yet. Maria has fallen for Michael, while Michael is stiff, fumbling around with his feelings. Of course we assume this is in part do with abandonment issues, the loss of his parents and family, being an alien and well, Maria is one interesting gal. But the cat’s been let out of the bag and now as I see it, things are left in Michael’s court.

Alex and Isabel are still the couple that raise the most questions. We know they shouldn’t really be together for varying reasons. Sure, they make a cute couple, but Isabel seems to be just as much about showing her friends up as she is really connecting with Alex. They have more than one awkward moment. I hate to say it Alex and Isabel fans, but just like in the TV show, I think they will be fumbling through this relationship, it won’t every really get started and it might just end abruptly.

Now, back to Max’s illness, I think the groups put together several great plans to find their parent’s ship. They worked as a team, which you see them do often in the show. I like the display of everyone carrying an equal weight, and relying on each other. Well, mostly. Because we know how Michael is, and no matter how many times he’s told not to do something, well he goes off on his own. This side of Michael is very much like the Michael we see onscreen.

We see Velanti a little more in this novel than we did in the last. He’s still tough, gruff and in charge. We get a few more inside looks at his personality, his secret government job and I have to wonder, will he ever side with the aliens when it comes down to it, like he did on the TV show? I very much enjoyed that the kids were able to have a powerful adult on their side. I’d like to see that change here in the books. Will it happen? Only time will tell.

I’ve noticed these are short, quick reads. Something that must have been a trend back in the ‘90’s and early ‘00’s to keep kids hooked. These books are what I call evening reads. I’ve been able to devour all of them thus far in a few short hours. They are always straight and to the point. There isn’t any unnecessary fluff, weighted down with description or words just for the sake of typing them down. Now a day’s it’s hard to find a book under 200 pages, it seems. I think Mrs. Metz does a great job continuing the story, fueling the plot lines with action and a little suspense keeping things flowing nicely. There aren’t any lulls where I think, “Come on! Come on, get on with it!” which is always a plus.

Though, yet again, true to Mrs. Metz form she’s left this book on a note that has me grasping for the next book to figure out the final outcome. She must have meticulously planned these books out well before because each novel starts right where the other one left off. You’d honestly need to read the ones before it to fully comprehend the ones that come after it. Is that a good thing? Maybe and maybe not. If I were to pick up book three and read it for the first time, I’m not sure it would have the same effect as it would had I read them start to finish. And again, I’m thankful that next week I can pick up book five and start on reading.

I’d all so like to toss in the name of this book, The Watcher. I’m not, fully sure where that came from. Book one was clear, Liz was The Outsider, having found out the aliens secret first. Book Two, The Wild One, is clearly Nikolas with a hint of Isabel thrown in there. It’s obvious. Book Three, The Seeker I believe refers to Maria, and her power to see people, figuring out what they are doing in that second she takes a peek. But... who is, The Watcher? If you have any guesses, let me know by leaving a comment!

So, for me, this was another great read, aside from The Outsiders, this might become second place in the series so far. I want Liz and Max’s relationship to progress into uncharted territory. I want to see them fall in love, rather than just express that they love each other. Maria and Michael need to come to a common agreement like they did in the TV show, I think. I’d like to see them together, or mostly together, I’d like to see Michael let someone other than the aliens in. I’d like to see Isabel let Alex go. I personally don’t think they are right for each other, and their hearts and minds aren’t in the same place. Alex is head over heels in love, while Isabel seems to be going through the motions for the sake of it.

Of course, I’d like to know if the alien Ray that popped up last book makes it to the next book. As I mentioned before I’m not fond of the quick addition of other aliens and then the quick deletion of them. I’m not sure what the purpose is to the overall story, aside from finding out a little bit more of who they are but even then, the alien Ray is still pretty tight-lipped about their history, only coming around when he feels like it, and I don’t think gives 110% to the cause.

Okay, so, that’s my thoughts on Book Four, The Watcher.

Come back next week and we shall dive into Book Five, The Intruder.

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