Roswell Read-a-Thon: The Seeker (Book Three)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 15:44 by Avery Olive

It’s Roswell Read-a-Thon Day! Which means next up is Book Three, The Seeker!

I must say this read-a-thon is killing me, a little bit at a time, because I’m a fast reader. I want to crack open the next book, dive right in and put aside just about everything I should be doing in life. Of course I finish and then I have to wait. The wait until we can *or should* start the next one is getting a little more excruciating each week because I’m right into the series.

This book and the two before are interesting. Interesting as in the main plot point and layout of the novel. The Outsider was more strictly about Max and Liz, The Wild One about Isabel and Alex and you guessed it, The Seeker’s story line centers around Michael and Maria.

Where the last books cliff-hanger ended, this one picks up. We get to see who the other alien is, and I must say I’m a little surprised by the addition of yet another alien among the Roswell Teen group. The newest alien, owner of the UFO Museum is a fun character. He reminds me of Milton, but also a bit like Nasedo, too. He’s helpful to the group but not too helpful. Ray has some secrets for sure!

Of course, this is where I have to remember, yet again, that the show and the books are different. *head desk* So, even though it’s easy to compare the two, it’s also not really fair, since they are so different. But wait, they aren’t completely separate. I swear, swear that I’ve picked up a few choice lines from this book and the one before (The Wild Ones) that ended up in the TV Show. I might have to make a separate post about that *grin*

Okay, so we love Maria and all her quirks. The aromatherapy and new age vibe is quite fun! We love Michael and his brooding exterior. Well, this book gives us a huge look into their heads. Michael is so gosh darn sensitive it makes me weak in the knees. It’s hard to believe he is the way he is, because Michael’s onscreen version isn’t all family and love, and doing the right things--most of the time. No, he’s dark, even more mysterious than Max. There is still an underlying softness to Michael that we only get to see pop out a few times during the shows run.

But alas, Michael and Maria have some amazing chemistry, especially when Maria has a chance to help out the Roswell gang. She discovered something in the last book and tries to use it to her advantage in this book, in turn bringing her and Michael even closer. More than once I wanted to reach into the book, grab the two and mash them together.

I really liked how we got to see how much the bond between the group has progressed and grown. In the TV show, yes, it became quite obvious that any one of the characters was willing to lay down their life in order to keep the secret amongst only themselves. But this book shows us just how the humans are willing do anything they can to help, even putting their own lives in even more danger. It also tells us what we all wondered, what it would be like, if one of the humans developed something of an ability in order to help the greater good of the group. Of course, with this series very much depending on the books before it and the ones after it to propel the story along, we don’t get to see if all that was done in this book was worth it.

Of course, let’s not forget about Alex and Isabel. Where they left off in the last book had me wondering about the two. But, through Alex’s kind hearted nature and Isabel making a change for the better, the two, over the course of the book are able to work things out and get back into a sort of groove that I was wondering might be lost forever.

But for me, something still looms in the air, giving me a bad taste in my mouth. Nikolas. He swoops into book two, sweeps Isabel off her feet, get’s her to show her wild side and then... *poof* he lands himself an untimely demise. Why. So far I can’t quite figure out his purpose. I must say, aside from the item he lost in the mall that Maria uses to her advantage, I expected to see him again.

I assumed like in the show, there would be a fourth alien, but not several... and having one die right off... I guess only time will tell.

However, in this novel the chemistry between Liz and Max is at a bit of a stalemate, they both clearly love each other, but want different things. Max holds onto his just friends idea while Liz tries to maybe turn her mind from him onto something—or someone else. Does it work? Not so much, in the end we are still left wondering will they or won’t they.

The jump from character to character to character has been the formula for Mrs. Metz and her writing. It’s becoming... a little taxing, for me at least. There are times when I wish I was in one POV and not the other, when she leaves us wanting more of one character but jumps us over here to someone else’s head. I see why she does it, to keep you in the loop over every character while still pushing through the central conflict and story line. I have to wonder, am I the only one that thinks there might be too many POV switches? Of course it’s all based on personal taste too, so maybe I’ve just spent too much time reading First Person books J

And of course, true to Mrs. Metz style there is a whopper of a cliffhanger at the end of this novel! And my god, I’m upset I can’t start the next book, The Watcher, quite yet!

I’m interested to see if her ‘center around two characters and one central conflict’ will stick and if we will find ourselves focused more on Max and Liz or if we will find ourselves in hop between everyone, not focusing on any one character particular.

Anyways, until next week... I must bid you adieu.

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