Book Review/Giveaway: Shackled By Angela Carling

Friday, 22 June 2012 00:40 by Avery Olive

Wow! This is my 100th Blog Post! I can’t believe it. I’m happy that this is the post that will be cemented into my brain as lucky number 100. IF you were with me yesterday you know I was part of the Shackled Blog Tour and Angela Carling gave us a very insightful and informative post about her latest novel, and the theme surrounding it, abuse.
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Well today I am thrilled to be sharing with you my review of Shackled. So please, check out the cover, the blurb and my review...
After shy, quiet Lucy and her family move from their small hometown in Minnesota to Seattle, Washington, she is surprised when Ryan, the most popular boy at school asks her out. Soon, she is swept up in a whirlwind romance and her naïve and trusting nature allows her to fall head over heels in love with her too-good-to-be suitor. Suddenly, Lucy finds herself enraptured by the excitement of her new relationship, leaving her blinded to the warning signs of danger ahead. Can her fairy tale romance last, or will she find that her prince charming is more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing--Quoted from Goodreads

I loved Angela Carling's Unbreakable Love, I thought it was a sweet, sensual love story touching on the paranormal but I was blown away by her latest novel Shackled.
After reading the back cover blurb you get a small sense of what the novel is about, I knew what I was getting into, sort of, but once I read the dedication, I knew I had to sit down and read it right away.

This is a story of triumph. It tugs at your heart because sadly this subject isn’t given the attention it deserves. So often are we swept up into the fairytale romances with happy endings, of knights in armour whisking us away but the bitter truth is that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the fairytale morphs into something unforeseen, and something that traps girls, forcing them to submit because it’s just not talked about enough.  You know what I’m going to say, and some of you are going to roll your eyes, but abuse happens. More than we realize. And some people get so far trapped, they can’t get out. I think every girl, young and old should read this novel, or one like it, to understand more about the situations of abuse and how to break free.

Shackled is a heroic tale of Lucy, whose prince charming turns into a monster. What I liked right from the start is the realistic character of Luce. So often are we forced to believe these situations only happen to the weak willed, the low self esteem--the already broken. That’s not always the case. Luce was just like any other girl, until she moved across the country, from a small sheltered town to something much bigger, daunting. But she was strong right from the start, if only she had been able to see that and hold on to it.
Instead Lucy let a charming, handsome, popular boy sweep her off her feet. And sure he was nice, there were times when I was on his side, and swooned at his attentiveness, his romantic actions, but I also saw early on the signs of his impending change that Lucy didn’t. But that’s how love works, or at least the idea of love. You are so blinded that you don’t see what’s already there.

Ryan might not have been quite the typical case for an abusive boyfriend—I don’t like spoilers, but I will say that he had a few tricks up his sleeve that many don’t. But it doesn’t matter how he took his role to the next level, whether he had help, unforeseen tactics, and a heavy fist, the result is still the same.

But even though Lucy didn’t quite see what was happening, perhaps not until she was so far gone, someone else did. Remember that, even now, you are never alone, and neither was Luce.
This story does two things, it entertains you, as a novel should, but it also teaches you, and I hope that any girl who reads this, won’t get swept up into the wrong fairytale.

With the help of some interesting characters, Ms. Carling had us guessing right until the end how this tragic case of abuse would play out. It will make you laugh, cry, and want to pound your fist into the pavement, but by far this was one of my best 2012 reads.
Even if you don’t read this novel, you think the topic of abuse is taboo, at least pay attention, not only to yourself, your relationships, but to other’s. There may be someone close to you that needs your help.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    My sister is on the cover of this novel and while reading it, all I pictured was her being Lucy. It is a tough subject and should be brought to the attention of all teenage girls. It was a great book and I hope many people realize that abuse does happen.