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Boy, are you guys in for a treat! Today I am a part of the A Midsummer Night’s Blog Hop. A bunch of us cool Author’s got together to create a plethora of really fun posts. Today Xylia and Landon from A Stiff Kiss have been teamed by with Author Kary Rader’s Avant from The Implanting and put together a super fun interview!
Part of the interview is here, on my blog, while the other part is on Kary Rader’s blog! Hop between these two blogs to get the whole scoop about Xylia, Landon and Avant. But wait! There’s more, don’t forget to hop to all the other Author’s blogs participating to learn more about their great characters and wonderful novels!

I swear it will be a great time...

Now place your hands together as the curtain rises on my character interview with Avant from Kary Rader’s The Implanting!

Avant watches from the corner. He scans the perimeter. This land – America does not provide for comfort and certainly not without his weapon, though he doubted even the trustiest sword would provide little protection from the advanced weapons of these people. He smiles to himself as he watches the young couple so obviously in love – a new love as fresh as morning and as ripe with promise. To be young again…

“Are you sure we’re in the right place,” Landon motions the small, intimate coffee shop in Silversprings.

“Of course we are. I gave him the address myself. He’ll be here.” Landon cracks a smile. “Shut up. If he gets lost I’m sure he’ll stop and asks for directions.” Xylia slowly sets her coffee onto the table. Then brings her feet up and onto the small red plush loveseat she’s sharing with Landon.

The small bell over the cafes door chimes. Xylia and Landon both turn their heads, mouths falling slightly open.

“Uh, he is wearing leotards? And what is that, one of those baby doll dresses?” Landon wrinkles his nose as a tall, muscular brute of a man pushes his way through the cluttered space.

Xylia elbows Landon. “Did you not do the required reading for this interview? He’s wearing medieval style clothing, those are tights and that is a tunic and I think it’s sex—Hello, you must be Avant. Welcome. I’m Xylia and this is Landon.” Xylia extends her hand.
Avant bows, takes Xylia's hand and gently kisses it. He lifts his gaze but not his head to her face and flashes her a smile. "Xylia is a lovely name." He suppresses a chuckle at the beautiful flush on her face. "It suits you well."

He straightens and takes the hand of the young man, and is surprised by the confidence in his gaze. Many of his own sentries did not hold his stare with as much. Impressive.
“Wow, nice grip, man.” Landon grips Avant's hand in an almost too firm of a shake. “Do you drink coffee? Is there coffee in... Uh...”

“Jastian, Landon, that’s where he’s from.” Xylia turns her head. “Can we get you anything?”
Avant chuckles. "Indeed, no. There is no coffee in Jastain much to the displeasure of my wife. We have tea, wine, meade and ale. And if you're feeling adventurous, you could milk one of the cows or goats."  He laughs at the Xylia's crinkled nose.  "Or perhaps not. But I will join you in a cup of coffee today. I have tasted the beverage on my last visit to your…" His gaze traveled the modern room, searching for the appropriate word. "World."

Once Xylia feels Avant is settled, she asks her first question, “So what are things like in the land of Jastain? Is it much different from here?”
Avant stares at her reflectively. "Yes and no. People are people in both worlds. And the Higher Power is the same one here as it is in Jastain. The Light shines and speaks. It is up to each of us to see and hear. To answer the call for which we were created. Have you answered that call in your own life, my Lady?"

Xylia thinks about Avant’s question as she looks at Landon. With a small smile she says, “Yes, I think I have.” She reaches for Landon’s hand and takes it into hers. “Though I’m only seventeen, I’m sure there is more out there I still need to figure out.”

“So, I hear you’re like a superhero, or something. You have some Gift of Prophecy?” Landon asks determined to get to the good stuff.

Avant throws his head back and laughs heartily. "Super hero? Indeed not. I have been given a measure of the gift of Light. However, it's not our Gifts that define us—it's our choices." He pins the young buck with a stare. The Light flashes and a vision appears. "You were born to lead, young man. There are those who look up to you. They always have and they will continue to do so. You exert influence in your world—influence is superpower. But how you choose to use your Gift will be your measuring stick."
Avant waits as the boy gains composure. He smiles mischievously at the couple. "And I have also seen your future. I even know how many children you will have."

Xylia grins not wanting to chance a look at Landon. He was probably having a mental freak out. “Did you bring your sword? Is it true what they say, you know, big sword equals big...—“ Landon digs his elbow into her side. “Ouch. What was that for?”
“What Xylia means to ask is could you maybe tell us a bit about your battle initiatives?”

His mood sobers. "I pray to the Light, you will never need to learn battle strategy and that you will always know peace. But since you ask, Landon… The most important thing in winning a war is being willing to sacrifice more than your opponent. If you cannot lay down your life and all that is holy to you for the cause, then the cause is unworthy and the fight already lost."
Xylia brings her hand to her mouth covering a yawn. “Boring.” She sighs. “Can we seriously talk about something better? Avant, can you maybe give Landon and me some relationship wisdom? I’m sure you’ve got loads of it.”

"I'm afraid, Xylia, my wisdom in that area is sorely lacking. However, I will say the same for love as for war – if you cannot lay down your own desires and agenda for the good of the other person, then the love between you is unworthy. True love is sacrifice."
Landon grabs at his collar, feeling just as uncomfortable as Avant looks. “Maybe we should stick to the manly talk, Xylia. Do you drive cars in Jastain or ride horses?”

Avant drums his fingers on the table, iching to get behind the wheel of an automobile. "We do not have horseless carriages in Jastain, but my horse, Spiritus is a loyal friend and one I would trust with my most treasured possession." He gives them a tight-lipped smile. "Although, driving a car on your freeways gives a thrill like none other."
Xylia rolls her eyes. “So, how did you know Abby was the one? I remember reading about something called The Implanting? Do you think that maybe if you hadn’t shared your memories, that maybe things would have ended differently?”

Don’t you think that might be a little personal? Ignore that, Avant, why don’t you tell us what your favourite meal is.”
“Guys, always with the food...” Xylia mutters.

"Xylia, I will answer your question, because it is one I've contemplated in depth.  Had the Darkness not come to Jastain, had things been different with my first wife, indeed, I believe things would have ended much differently. However, the Darkness did come, and in that moment, the trajectory of our lives was changed. Knowing Abigail and loving her was worth what I suffered. And even if we had not shared our memories, I would have eventually loved her."

“That is so romantic,” Xylia gushed.
They sat for a moment, drinking their coffee.

Then Avant turned to Landon. "My favourite meal is roast pork, turnips and fresh strawberries in cream."
Landon leans forward, finally seeing his chance to ask the only question he really cares about. “So, how do get from here, the good ‘ol US of A to Jastain? Is like in Star Wars, or was that Star Trek? You know, ‘beam me up, Scotty’?”

"I am not familiar with 'beam me up, Scotty'. But I am able to travel between worlds with Abigail. She has the Gift of Placement Implanting. You would call it teleportation. She is able to Implant to anyone she knows and loves or any place she has a strong positive connection to." He leans back in his chair and takes a sip of coffee before continuing. "We were able to transplant to her residence in Dallas last evening, and I took an airplane here for this interview."

Xylia looks at Landon. “Maybe you should let me take over the questions from here. Avant, your Author told me you had some great insights about sex. Landon and I haven’t—well, we aren’t quite there yet, but you look, you know, experienced.” Xylia gives Avant a side long glance, her cheeks flush when she realizes she can see the ripple of abs through his tunic. “Could you maybe, give us some tips?”
Landon chokes on his coffee. Hot liquid dribbles down his chin. “Xylia!”

“What? There’s nothing wrong with talking about sex.” She sees both guys squirm. “Sex, sex, sex.” She laughs. “Please, just answer the question, Avant. I’m really—interested.”
"I can see that all American women are more than a little progressive…" He clears his throat uncomfortably. "When it comes to making love. My advice to you is wait until you are properly married. That's how things are done in Jastain."

Xylia asks, "Oh, so were you and Abby married the first time you… you know."
Avant pretended he didn't hear and looked to Landon.

“So back to swords and mayhem... Avant, how many people have you killed, or should I say slain?”

"Too many to recount."
“Well, since I can see this interview turning into more about man testosterone, maybe we should finishing things off. How about one last question--”

“It so better not be about sex, or relationships or that girly crap, Xylia. I’m serious.”

Xylia frowns. “It won’t be. You don’t have to be so much of a kill-joy.”

Landon folds his arms across his chest, eyeing Avant, thinking, he doesn’t look that big. “I’m sure Avant can agree with me. No one around here cares about that stuff.”

"It doesn't take a gift of prophecy to see through that pile of dung. I am certain the idea has crossed your mind a few times."

“Fine. Avant, will we be seeing you again? Or is yours and Abby’s story done?”

"Our story is done, although I'm certain we will be making an appearance in future stories."

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come chat with us. It was very enlightening!”

“It could have been way cooler if we had gotten to talk more about swords,” Landon grumbles.

"Oh, we aren't done. In truth, we've only just begun. I have a few questions for you."

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