In Which I Dwell on the Fact that I Don't Have a 2am Phone Call Buddy.

A book I read a few weeks back hasn’t left my mind. Okay, let’s be clear, the book itself has, but a concept brought up in the book hasn’t.
In it, there is mention of a person having a 2am phone call. And no, I’m not talking about just calling someone up for a chit-chat at 2am. It’s a little more complex than that. It’s the who would you call at 2am that would, without a doubt and without much explanation come to your aid no matter the circumstance. Think of it as your I’m in jail and I get one phone call, who would it be. Who would you call to get you out of jail, pick you up from a date gone wrong, drive you to the hospital because you decided to remodel your house and cut your arm open, or that would lend you a shoulder to cry on no matter what.
I’m sure some of you can think, of at least one person, right? I mean you close your eyes and bam that person appears in your mind.
Well, sadly I’ve racked my brain for weeks and sadly, I can’t come up with anyone. I have no 2am phone call friend.
Sure, I could call my mother, I mean let’s be honest, she would of course come to my aid. She’d have to drive a few hours but still. She’s there. And well, I do have my mother-in-law. She’s closer, she’d come too.  And let’s be serious, Mr. Olive would come to my aid as well, if I could get a hold of him, and well, depending on the circumstance. Mr. Olive isn’t even the first person on my emergency contact list. His job takes him far from home, many, many days of the month and well, so he’s not really reliable.
But family doesn’t really count, because, they have to be there for you, no matter the circumstance. But a friend doesn’t, they can choose, when or if they want to help you. It’s the 2am friend that makes all the difference. The one that stands above all others and I just don’t have that person.
For some reason, it’s bothered me more than I should let it. But with a few recent events in my life, personal and medical, it’s given me more time to think, and dwell on it.
I have friends, I do, just not that kind. They each have different, yet important things going for them, what makes them my friend, but not quite the traits of that 2am person. I wish they were. I do.
So a goal of mine for the near future is to figure out who my 2am person should be, and make that happen. Maybe I need to be more available, see them more, connect, and well, tell them straight out that I need them, in case I find myself in jail and need someone to post my bail.
I curious, who is your 2am phone call person? Or do you too find that you don’t have one like me?
Also, if you can guess what book I’m talking about, the one that insists on everyone having a 2am phone call friend, feel free to shoot out the answer! And I’ll even give you a hint! It’s a book that I reviewed recently J
And just a friendly reminder, Lynn Rush, author of Wasteland will be on my blog September 29th doing an interview and giving away a free E-Copy of Wasteland to one lucky commenter!

3 Response to "In Which I Dwell on the Fact that I Don't Have a 2am Phone Call Buddy."

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, my hubs could count, but otherwise I'm in the same boat. If my crit partner lived here, I could totally count on her - something about kindred spirits in the writing world... If you lived in my town, we could be each other's 2am call!!
    On the downside, good luck waking my dead-to-the-world self up at 2am. :)

  2. Avery Olive Says:

    Awe thanks! And yes, if my Crit buddies lived in my town, no doubt, they'd be my 2am call for sure!

  3. Jo Ramsey Says:

    My husband would be the only one on my list. I don't have any friends at all, let alone 2 a.m. friends. Kinda sad, that...