Author Interview: Lynn Rush and E-Book Giveaway!

I’ve read Lynn Rush’s debut novel Wasteland, and now I’m super excited she’s on my blog! She welcomed the chance to be interviewed, and make a stop at my blog during her busy Wasteland tour. Lynn, besides letting me interview her has also decided to do a GIVEAWAY! Isn’t that just awesome-sauce? So, read the interview, feel free to ask Lynn questions (or tell her how great she and Wasteland is) and enter to win one free E-Copy of Wasteland (Contest Details below)
So, as they say, On with the show!
Welcome Lynn, can you tell us a bit about yourself? How about in five words or less.
Really boring but super energetic.
At least you’re honest! And boring, I highly doubt that.
Now why don’t you tell us a bit about Wasteland? In five words or less, of course J
Oh, man. I got it down to a twitter-sized description…now only FIVE words? Okay, here goes:
Half-demon risks damnation seeking redemption.
Nicely done! That’s a great line, you should totally use that. So, as it would seem, many interviews tend to have the same questions, let’s shake things up a bit, shall we?
Say you want a sandwich, right this second (it’s okay if you do) what kind would it be?
Peanut butter with chocolate chips on wheat bread.
You’re craving popcorn, which would be your choice? Movie Theatre, Microwave or the time consuming stove top method.
Movie Theatre, extra butter. But you can’t have that without a large CHERRY COKE! YUMMMMM….
Next question: You get to tour the universe in a space shuttle but you are only allowed one piece of luggage and only have room for two books. What would you take with you and why.
Bible and Wasteland. I have to say Wasteland, right? I mean, it’s my debut novel. LOL. But the other one would have to be the Bible. It’s a big part of my life being a Jesus follower, so I’d want that close to me. I have this cool little Bible in a steel-like case. I’d take that one. It’d survive a lot of travel for sure!
But wait, you can also take one important item with you (for fun let’s say it can’t be any bigger than a loaf of bread) what would it be?
Oh man, my computer’s bigger than that. How ‘bout I get an iPad and take that along? Yeah. Now I have a reason to go buy one (I’ve wanted one since they came out).
I too want an iPad! And I think that’s a great choice, books, music, games, and well, assuming they have Wi-Fi in space, I think you are set.
Where do you get your inspiration for your novels from?
Everywhere. It’s pretty random, actually. I could be jogging, biking, sitting in a bookstore, or waking up from a deep sleep and an idea will hit me. I’ve just learned to be open to it at any time…and then run with it when a story hits.
How did you name your characters? I’ve heard of a million little tips and tricks people use, so what’s yours?
I try and find some names that have meaning. For my Wasteland character, David, I wanted a strong name. Someone who faced BIG odds, kind of like David and Goliath. J In one of my other stories, the hero’s name is Marcus, and that’s got Greek connections to “warlike” but he’s a pretty big wimp. I like finding ways to do things like that. I do most of my name research online.
Me too! I think names with underlining meanings are awesome.
Where do you see yourself as an Author in five years?
Well, I signed a three-book deal for my Violet Night Trilogy with Crescent Moon Press and I’ve written book II to Wasteland, so I hope to have a few more books coming out in the next year or two with them. As for after that? I hope to get an agent and still be writing, maybe even have a few more books coming out. I try not to look too far ahead because I’ve learned things can unexpectedly change in life. So planning ahead with the thought that things could change is kind of how I do it.
Congrats on the three book deal! And YAY for Wasteland numero deux!
If you could pick movie stars to play the characters of Wasteland in a movie, who would they be?
I’d say The Rock for David. Oh man, I love The Rock. So strong and tough. He’d just suit David. J
Mmm, The Rock. *drools on computer* Can you give us a teaser from the Wasteland? You know something that will hook and send everyone out to go buy the book right this second.
No pressure or anything. LOL. 
I’d say the last few sentences of the excerpt up on Crescent Moon Presses site might be a good place to start:
Her hands glided from my wrists down my forearms and up my biceps, sending a ripple of desire through my soul. I could resist no longer. I brushed my lips against hers and tasted melon. She heaved a sharp breath and clamped her fingers around my shoulders, holding me in place.
Scents of lilac permeated me. My heart hammered, and my demon pounded, wanting out.
Wanting her.
I turned my head, severing our connection. Too intense. Must stay in control. She let out a whimper. I pressed my mouth to her cheek and tilted her head.
I almost wished I hadn't.
She bore the mark of a Guardian, immortal protectors of the humans.
I drank Beka in for three long breaths, knowing it may be my last chance to hold her close. Because if Beka truly was guarding Jessica Hanks I would more than likely have to kill her to get my Mark.

The Wasteland cover art is amazing, I know most of the time the Author has little say in covers, but did you have a hand in making is so intriguing?
I had no hand in it at all other than writing the story. The editors and artists at CMP are great. They told me they were going to try a unique direction with this cover and then showed me a prelim before it was released. Yeah, I loved it! They were very respectful, asking my thoughts and opinions, but I had nothing to say because I was so very happy with their ideas and how it turned out. CMP really works closely with their authors. They want them happy with covers, the story, and the overall process. I’m really impressed with them!
Finally, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors? Maybe a lesson that you’ve learned that you’d like to share.
Wisdom? For one thing, keep writing. Every day if you can. It keeps the creativity flowing. As for lessons, they’re have been a bunch. I would say one, for sure, is to get into a critique group. Have your manuscript hashed up by them before you submit it anywhere. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!!  J
Thanks Lynn! You can find Lynn Rush and Wasteland at the following places, so go, not now, but after you've entered to win a copy, and check her out!
Catch the Rush:

Now, because contests are super awesome, and well I got myself an exclusive (invite only) invitation to use Rafflecopter, I figured, why not test it out! Isn’t it neat? So, the only thing mandatory for an entry to win an E-Copy of Wasteland is to comment on the blog, either asking a question or saying something nice. For more chances to win, check out the other tasks, do as they say and your name get’s thrown into the draw extra times. Once the contest closes, one winner will be randomly selected from the entries provided.
So, let’s give Rafflecopter (I even just like the name, Rafflecopter! It’s fun to say... Rafflecopter, hehe) a chance, and see how he does!
Thanks so much to Lynn Rush for stopping by, providing today’s giveaway and for all the awesome-sauce people who are going to enter to win a free book!

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  1. Brinda Says:

    Hi Lynn! *waving* I know you would take a Bible! Great interview. I am SO going to try a peanut butter with chocolate chip sandwich this weekend. :)

  2. Brinda Says:

    Olive and Lynn- I've already won a book, but I did all the "liking" and "tweeting" because I wanted to promo Wasteland. :)

  3. Ciara Says:

    Anything that includes chocolate and peanut butter is good! :) Great interview, Olive and Lynn.

  4. Jenn Nixon Says:

    Great interview!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, guys!! **waves from the desert** Thanks for stopping by.

    Avery, I'm so jealous you get to use the Rafflecopter. I so want that function!!!

    Thanks for hosting me today, Avery. This interview was super fun!

  6. Avery Olive Says:

    Peanut Butter and Banana's are like my least, least favourite thing! So, of course that'd be someone's favourite.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  7. Lindsay Says:

    I agree the Bible would be a great choice but instead of the paper version of Wasteland take a Kindle and think of all the books you could also take while staying with in the two book limit.

  8. erain14 Says:

    Hi Lynn! Another fun interview. I already have Wasteland too (well two copies actually), but I'll still do all the fun stuff! Lynn would take a Bible into space (my choice too). And I'm going to have to try your snack because that sounds so good! And popcorn! I think there's a subliminal message in this interview to make us all hungry! lol j/k! Good one!

    :) Erin

  9. DanielleQ.Lee Says:

    She would take Wasteland! Great interview!

  10. Daniel S Says:

    I love peanute butter and banana sadwiches!

  11. Dranea Says:

    I heard an interview with you, Lynn...You are definitely NOT boring. Energetic, yes...You would wear me out in the matter of minutes! :)

    I will say, I'm happy there are public figures out there who are promoting their beliefs. I'm glad you are open enough to tell people you would take your bible!

    I have a copy of Wasteland, so make sure you don't put me on the contest, I want to make sure someone else gets this great book!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Lindsay: Great point. Taking an ereader would REALLY be awesome. I have a NOOK! :) Love my Nook. Okay, that sounds a little weird.

    Erin: Oh, it's good. Got to get the dark chocolate Godiva chips, though. Oh, and Nutella is a close second. YUM.... Peanut butter and there anything better? Maybe caramel, but not quite sure....

    Danielle: **Waves** Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming by. I figured I'd have to take a copy of my very first published novel, right? ? LOL

    Daniel: PB and Banana IS a good sandwich. But it's third on the list. Choc chips, Nutella, then bananas. :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Dranea: LOL. That radio interview was SUPER FUN. Got a couple more coming up, too. So, I better get over that "Ya Know" crutch phrase, huh? LOL. Yep. Pretty much anyone who knows me knows I'm into God. He and I are tight for sure. Thanks for the nice words about Wasteland. :) And thanks for hanging with me on this blog tour. It's crazy fun!!!!

    You guys ROCK

  13. Erin Says:

    Anyone who eats peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches can't be boring!! Great interview!

  14. Unknown Says:

    Hmm. Are peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches as good as peanut butter and banana's?

    Sounds like a great book!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    HI, Erin and Angel.
    Thanks for coming by you two.

    Yep, PB and CHOC Chip are nearly as good as PB and Banana . :)

    Have a great night!!!