I Gots Me an Award! And Seven of my Quirks.

I’m so ecstatic and overwhelmed!
 I received my first BLOG AWARD from the lovely Becky Wallace. I hope this is the first of many, because there is just something about seeing that little award on the side, see over there, isn’t it pretty? Well I want more. I’m not going to lie the high that encompassed my body when I knew I’d won one was nothing short of amazing!
Now that being said, I’m supposed to share seven things about myself, and then pass the award on. So when coming up with things to share, I’ll admit I had a hard time. I thought about it for almost an entire day. Several things went through my mind, what was appropriate and what wasn’t appropriate to share to a bunch of strangers, who aside from my bio (which isn’t anything special) know nothing about me. So basically below you will find a list, one that I’ve tailored to a theme. And that theme is a list of quirks of mine. Now, seriously, I have more than will fit on the list, but I picked seven. And, I know some of these might seem silly, weird or even outlandish, that one person could not possibly have this many quirks (but I do, because remember I said I had more than just seven) and I believe they make me a unique person. My mom always told me I was special. And so far, in ever novel at least one of these seven (and the many more that don’t fit on the list) have found themselves into my novels as traits of my characters.
Anyways, enough babble. Here are some of my quirks in no particular order.
1.       Grocery baggers annoy me—I hate, hate, when they don’t bag my groceries appropriately. Meat does not go with anything but meat. Even though peas and corn are soft they don’t go with bread—it creates condensation and makes for a soggy loaf. Cleaning products do not belong with food of any kind. I don’t care if it’s in a package, double sealed or in a box. And just because you’ve double bagged something doesn’t make it okay. I’d rather you take those two bags and even out the product so it’s not heavy. I often have urges to jump over the counter and do it myself, and I have, on more than one occasion told them how to do their job.
2.       I hate my fridge—Yes it keeps things cold, stores food. But what people don’t realize is that a fridge (at least mine) is a place where things go to die, or grow mould. Leftovers are the bane of my existence. Sure I should save it, eat it the next day, but honestly I don’t. Then it stays there because after a day or two my stomach and mind just imagines how gross that bowl of leftovers is and thus starts the gag reflex. Instead I have to shove the mystery bowl to the back and wait for my husband to come home and throw it away. If I’ve opened a package of something, and sure the label says good until (insert date here) after about two days it goes in the garbage or get’s shoved to the back. Milk stops getting consumed three days before the expiration date. It’s just a guideline you know, that stamped on date and it could be wrong. In fact it has been wrong. Do you know how disgusting and gut-wrenching it is to take a swig of milk straight from the jug when it’s spoiled? No? Trust me... I’ll never have that experience again. So I tend to keep my fridge stocked (or rather not) with only condiments, things that I can eat in two days flat and I hardly save leftovers no matter how good it was the first day.
3.       I can’t clean up my own puke (or anyone else’s for that matter)—It sounds silly, but one hundred percent true. I am what I like to call a “see, hear, smell puke, puke person” That means that if puke is anywhere near my personal bubble I will, in fact puke. And luckily for me, the few times I've puked myself, or my son has puked my husband has been around to clean it up. Except that one time where I pretty much puked in the garbage can while cleaning up my son's puke.
4.       I refuse to defrost in the microwave—This has been a problem for awhile. I tend to keep very little in my freezer because fresh is best. And well I hate defrosting things in the microwave. It’s just not the same as letting it do it naturally in the fridge, or if need be in cold water in the sink. The microwave doesn’t defrost evenly, it will, if you are not paying attention start to cook what you are trying to thaw... but when it does that, it doesn’t mean your food is no longer frozen. No, no, it means that the out-edges are but the inside is still rock hard. And I don’t care what anyone says, it tastes funny afterwards.
5.       Cheese slices do not exist for me—Do you know what a cheese slice (or cheese whiz) is made of? And it does not taste like real cheese, at all. So, I don’t buy it, ever. A meal can be ruined if there is a disgusting fake cheese slice or whiz on my food. It taints the flavour of everything. That being said, I don’t care what the commercials say, a grilled cheese sandwich can only be made with REAL cheese.
6.       If it was cool to have plates with dividers I would have them—You know the kind right? They make them for kids, or you see them in movies when people are in jail or in the army. Well, I’d love a plate with singled out sections with ridges because I hate when one item on my plate touches another item. I know as they say “it all goes to the same place” but that does not make it okay for all the flavours to meld together and make for a weird looking, tasting heap of food. I’d rather enjoy it on its own. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, the plan has to be well thought out, more than one plate is needed and a system for consumption needs to be devised, if not the whole meal can be a disaster.
7.       The dryer is almost useless—if it wasn’t for the fact that I own delicates and socks my dryer would harder every get used. I love the feeling of air dried jeans. They are stiff and tight, just like the day I bought them. And the same for shirts. If I was billionaire, I’d love to be able to wear things once straight from the store and then give them away, because it never feels that good after you wash it. Hense the hang things to dry. And, not to mention, the biggest problem with dryers, the reason why I hate them, because I don’t care what anyone says the dryer SHRINKS clothes, and eats socks. But seriously, it happens, maybe not the first dry or the second, but it will happen.

Now... see those aren’t even the worst of my quirks. I didn’t want you to think I was crazy or anything! Right, you don’t think that do you? God, I hope not.
So, since I’ve shared, maybe more than necessary I’m going to pass on my award (did you see it? If not look at it, it’s just so dang pretty) on to Steven Whibley because this guy is the king of versatile. I mean who can talk about Books, writing, poop, and travel all in one blog and have it full of awesome-sauce? Also I’d like to pass my award onto Ciara Knight, her blog is super fun. She engages her readers through great posts like “Did I Notice Your Book” and many others.

6 Response to "I Gots Me an Award! And Seven of my Quirks."

  1. Emily R. King Says:

    You're very funny, Avery. I'm a new follower, and I feel like I know you pretty well now (or at least some of your pet peeves). Congrats on the award!

  2. Avery Olive Says:

    @ E.R. King Thanks for the follow! And yes, I think pet peeves and quirks say a lot about someone lol

  3. Kathy Ann Coleman Says:

    Congrats on receiving The Versatile Blogger Award. :) I received this last week and it totally made my day. It is a very pretty award. :)

    I thought your seven facts were really funny. I totally agree with you about groceries and food touching. While I do prefer real cheese 98% of the time, I can't resist a bagel with cheese whiz.

    Anyway, I finally remembered to click the follow button and I'll definitely take a look at the blogs you've passed the award to. Have a great day!

  4. Avery Olive Says:

    @Kathy Ann Coleman
    Thanks so much for stopping by and congrats on also getting the Versatile award!

  5. Ellen Says:

    "a grilled cheese sandwich can only be made with REAL cheese." AMEN!! I haaaaate those little "singles" slices. GAG. Actually, I hate American cheese in general. Ugh. The moment I moved to college and discovered that grocery stores sold real cheese (why did my family subsist on that fake crap for so many years?!), I never went back. :)

  6. Avery Olive Says:

    @Ellen, I'm not going to lie, I might have been a little spoiled when I was a kid and I refused to eat the cheese slice. I don't think I've ever as an adult bought them on my own accord either.