What I Should Be Doing...

I’m taking a cue from Becky Wallace, because her recent blog post (have you seen it? No, that means you should) got me to think about what I should be doing.
So, here’s what I should be doing... Laundry, I couldn’t tell if the shirt I’m wearing was clean or dirty when I pulled it out of my hamper. But I put it on anyways Dishes, because my sink is protesting that it’s full, and it feels the need to remind me that I do, in fact have a dishwasher. Grocery Shopping, when one looks in the fridge and can see through the glass shelves, see all the way to the back, and the door isn’t crumpling under the weight of condiments, it must mean I don’t have an adequate amount of stuff in there. Lawn Mowing, I’ve decided that when your neighbours mow their lawn at least two times to my one, that I can clearly see the line between their freshly mowed and my—not so freshly mowed grass it means I’ve fallen behind on this job. Writing , I gave myself a 2000 word a day goal in hopes that I can finish my latest WIP by the end of the month. How many words have I actually written? Not many. I do spend a great deal of time staring at a blank page, counting how many times the cursor blinks, I even might type a sentence only to quickly delete it. Not a good sign, at all. Reading, I’m usually the type of person who can devour a book in a day, may two max. I haven’t finished a book in weeks. In fact it’s been so long that when I picked up my current novel I actually found myself having to re-read several chapters just so I could remember what it was the novel is actually about.
I’ve decided this What I Should Be Doing List could go on forever, so to save myself from the upset of realizing how much stuff is actually piling up I’m cutting it short. I didn’t even mention in there that I should be playing with my son, filling his mind with great things and helping him up is IQ. See, how sad is that? I’ve got way to many things on this list.
But, what am I actually doing? I know you are probably wondering. I mean what could be so important that I’ve put everything else on the back burner so to speak.
I’m not doing anything. Nothing at all, except right at this moment, cause I am typing this fine post. But in all seriousness, I really am doing nothing.
Well... after spending a great deal of time at the hospital the last few days, I’ve learned I have a blood clot in my leg. I know, totally crappy right? Thanks for all the heartfelt sympathies. So, between popping pills, giving myself injections, going for daily blood work appointments, napping and well just being all together lazy (and maybe feeling a tad sorry for myself) I’m doing nothing, when I should—and feel guilty about it—doing A Lot of things!

So, I ask you this important question... What Should You Be Doing? Right now? Right at this very second while you are reading this post. What is getting set aside (and I thank you for it) because you came to my blog and decided to read it? And don’t worry, don’t be ashamed, I truly do want to know J

4 Response to "What I Should Be Doing..."

  1. Erin Says:

    I should be sleeping!!

  2. Avery Olive Says:

    Haha, Thanks for the comment! I tend to do a lot of things when I should be sleeping too :)

  3. Ciara Says:

    I should be sleeping. LOL. I haven't left my computer for over 14 hours now. Ugh, okay, time for bed. :)

  4. Avery Olive Says:

    14 hours! Wow that's amazing. I wish I could do that :)

    I hope you sleep well after all that computing!