Can’t Comment on a Blog?

Friday, 29 July 2011 12:46 by Avery Olive
Today’s blog post has been inspired by my own fit of rage due to not being able to comment on blogs. Since I’m still new at the whole Blogging thing, learning the ropes is taking a lot out of my patience. Finally when I thought I had learned enough to get me on my way I came face to face with a wall—a huge one.
I’ve been spending a great deal of time searching for blogs, following blogs and of course trying to network. And one of the best ways to get your name out there into the world that is cyberland, is to comment. Comment, comment and comment.
Most people love to open up their e-mail and find out someone has left a comment on their blog, it shows them, that yes people are reading what you’ve set out to write and post. However, I’ve learned commenting isn’t just as easy as clicking on the little comment button, writing in your snappy and fun reply and pressing enter. No, because that would mean life is simple. And it hardly ever is.
So, I have a Google Account, I spent a great deal of time setting this up, linking the e-mail address to all my networking sites only to find out, Google is silly! When I go to comment, it redirects me to the Google sign in, where, of course, I sign in. Then I get redirected again, where you ask? BACK TO THE GOOGLE SIGN IN PAGE! It’s a vicious circle of entering my e-mail and password, and then doing it again, and again until the battle of wits is lost and I get angry, image myself throwing my computer across the room, and my comment, my well thought out words never get posted.
But alas, there is an answer, a simple one. Just to start you off, sign in using your name and URL. It’s a solution but doesn’t quite fix the problem. It’s better than being ANONYMOUS, this at least allows your name to show up, and links your name with your blog or webpage or whatever URL you’ve linked yourself to. That way people can still click your name and get to the place you want them to go, in my case—My blog.
So, still not sold on this approach? I didn’t think so. So your next bet? Switch the way your comment page shows up on your blog and ask your fellow friends to do so too. I went into SETTINGS in my blog DASHBOARD, went to comments and made it so that my comment section pops up into its own window. And BAM just like that, Google has stopped jerking me around and I can post using my account. My little picture shows up, my name, information, blog and e-mail. Ah HA!
I’m hoping that enough people complain, that this problem get’s solved but for now, these are the two best solutions I’ve come up with J
Happy Blogging and Commenting!
Also, check back later, coming next week, My first Author Interview over at Becky Wallace’s blog, What’s Your Thought’s On That.  

3 Response to "Can’t Comment on a Blog?"

  1. Becky Wallace Says:

    I feel you! For one whole month I couldn't post comments. Then I learned about open id and name/url. I always copy my comment before I try to post then if I get kicked out, I can just paste it in and use one of the other log in methods. Hope that helps!

  2. prerna pickett Says:

    Thank You!!!! I'm also new to blogging and this problem has been driving me insane! Congrats on your contract :)

  3. Avery Olive Says:

    @Becky Wallace, yes I've been doing the copy and paste thing just so I didn't have to rewrite my comment a hundred times over. Becuase let's face it, what you wrote is never as good as the first, or second, or tenth time you wrote it :)

    @prerna pickett, Glad I could help. It was driving me nuts for days! So I had to come up with some sort of solution.