Mommies Anecdotes: Birthdays and Cake

Happy Friday!

My little man turned 7. 7! I mean, wow, where did the time go. He isn't so little anymore, and is developing quite the unique personality. Most days it drives me insane, other days, I think it's the cutest thing on the planet...

But turning 7 deserves a party and a cake. But not just any cake. Some of you may know that in my spare time, I make cakes.

Only when I had started out planning Andre's 7th Birthday, I was going to make Cupcakes. That was what he asked for, and that's what I had planned on giving him.

Normally, I don't submit to peer pressure. I just don't. But when it comes to my cakes, I get very protective, and many people thought that I couldn't show up to my son's birthday with boring old cupcakes.

Apparently I have amazed people with my cakes. One day I'll get around to posting a few more pictures of them, but the point is, I'd set the bar, higher and higher, and I either needed to be on the same level as previous years, or I needed to one up myself.

So, the day before the party I had decided to scrap the cupcakes and bake a cake, and decorated and try, and possibly fail because it was so last minutes, to make an awe inspiring cake.

I felt rushed. I felt the theme a little flat. Spiderman. And I felt I should couldn't do it.

I actually hated that I submitted to peer pressure and decided to go against my plan but I think the end result was worth it.

I'm not going to lie, I love it when people love my cakes, think they are amazing, and ask me all kinds of questions about them. I love the attention.

But pleasing my son was the most important thing.

"This is even cooler than I could have ever imagine! Way better than cupcake!"

I think I did good if that's his reaction, but why don't you be the judge? Was this cake better than boring old cupcakes?

Now, my only fear is that next year I'm going to have to one up myself again! The pressure is already mounting. Believe it or not, my son hasn't even been seven for two weeks and people are already asking me what I'm planning next year. A whole year away! I have no idea. It depends on what Andre is into, but you can be sure there won't be any silly cupcakes.



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