10 Book Confessions: Michelle Clay

Please welcome to the blog, Michelle Clay!! She's got some great confessions for us today. Please Enjoy :)



1.       I claimed to LOVE a book series even though I really, really hated it. A friend of mine was reading a very popular YA series that she absolutely adored. Knowing I love that kind of paranormal creature, she kept begging me to read it. After lying about liking it, I ended up having to suffer through the entire series and two of the movies.


2          I read the entire Harry Potter series to my kid. Even after he was old enough to read by himself, it was one of those together things and was special. It had nothing to do with the different voices for different characters, I’m sure! Those books (and the movies) were our special thing. We waited in line for the next book/movie, etc.


3.       One of my earliest and most favorite memories of reading was with my mom. I recall lying on the couch with her as she read one of those little golden books to me. It was about a T-Rex. When I was older, we’d go to the bookstore together. It was our special Saturday outing.


4.        I secretly hate when books are made into movies. If a movie comes out and I see it, especially if I love it, I don’t read the book. Same goes for any book I’ve read and loved. I don’t watch the movie.


5.       My favorite book is... That’s an unfair question and I usually draw a total blank. There’s so many that I like and love!


6.       I spent most of my senior year writing my first novel. I was also very mortified when my sociology teacher confiscated it. When she gave it back, she said it was good, but had too many expletives. I still have it…somewhere. It’s never going to see the light of day!


7.       Sometimes before I start a book, I flip to a random page in the middle and read it first.  I have no idea why I do that!


8.       I am a book hoarder. It doesn’t matter if it’s electronic or paper… I have bunches and bunches. Sad thing is, I probably will never finish them all.  


9.       I give a book at least a chapter to hook me. After that, I have no qualms throwing it aside. Sometimes if I really want to give it a chance or it is supposedly a good book, I’ll give it a little longer.


10.   I have lived in my current town for about 5 years. I have not once been to the library. I am actually kind of ashamed to admit that. LOL


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