10 Book Confessions: Lindsey R. Loucks

Monday, 7 October 2013 08:04 by Avery Olive

Today confessing all things books is Author Lindsey R. Loucks! And I must say, she's got some good ones! #5 is something we should probably make fun of her later for. Erm. I mean, what is confessed on the blog stays on the blog!

 Lindsey's 10 Book Confessions

 1.      When I was a kid, I’d sit and read in my favorite La-Z-Boy recliner. It was so soft and cozy, I’d usually nod off, no matter how absorbed I was in my book. When my parents retired to Washington, they dropped off that same recliner at my house for me during their move. Unfortunately, I can’t read in it anymore because I would never get anything done if I was sleeping all the time!
2.      I work in a school library, and many students ask me if I’ve read all the books in there. I always say, “No, but I’m working on it!”

3.      I was anti e-reader for the longest time (the feel, the smell, the joy of an actual book!), but then someone showed me theirs and how fast it was to download something that I’d been itching to read forever. Thankfully, Santa was good to me that year.

4.      When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, I decided I didn’t want to stand in line, so I pre-ordered it. For some reason, I thought I’d get it early, but I was sadly mistaken. Each day when the mailman pulled up in front of my house, I’d spy over the back of the chair in front of the window to see if he put anything book-shaped inside the mailbox. On the day he did, I sprang out at him, snatched the book with a garbled “Thanks!”, and devoured the entire thing in four days.

5.      A sure sign that I’m writing a book (other than my ridiculously messy house) is by looking at my eyebrows. I have this weird thing where I pluck them out with my fingernails when I’m deep in thought. I still have some left, but yeah, I probably shouldn’t have told you that.

6.      I still have the same bookmarks I had in grade school. One says “Breakdancin’” and the other says “Shh—I’m Reading.”

7.      My favorite snack while reading is anything with carbohydrates, i.e. Cheerios, crackers, a whole bag of potato chips. I’m trying to cut back on carbs, though. *sigh*

8.      It should be against the law for anyone to ask, “What’s your favorite book?” I love so many of them for very different reasons! That’s like asking me to choose my favorite breath. No. Just, no. I will not choose. So there!

9.      The bumper sticker on the back of my car says Book Junkie.

10.  One of my favorite parts about life is seeing my students’ eyes light up when they’re excited about books. They’ll hug them to their chests. They’ll do a little twirl. And when word gets out that the new books have arrived, I yell, “Stampede!” when they come running, then we all “Ooo” and “Ahh” over them together. Good times.

 Thanks Lindsey for stopping by and confessing all things books! And for the rest of you, take a moment to check out the info below on Lindsey's Books!
The Grave Winner
Leigh Baxton is terrified her mom will come back from the dead -- just like the prom queen did.
While the town goes beehive over the news, Leigh bikes to the local cemetery and buries some of her mom’s things in her grave to keep her there. When the hot and mysterious caretaker warns her not to give gifts to the dead, Leigh cranks up her punk music and keeps digging.
She should have listened.
Two dead sorceresses evicted the prom queen from her grave to bury someone who offered certain gifts. Bury them alive, that is, then resurrect them to create a trio of undead powerful enough to free the darkest sorceress ever from her prison inside the earth.
With help from the caretaker and the dead prom queen, Leigh must find out what’s so special about the gifts she gave, and why the sorceresses are stalking her and her little sister. If she doesn’t, she’ll either lose another loved one or have to give the ultimate gift to the dead – herself.

Haunted Chemistry
When bookish college co-ed Alexis heads to the laundry room in her new apartment, she runs into Ian Reese, the chem lab partner she crushed on all last semester. And the guy who stood her up on their first date. But she’s down for an awkward reunion, and no better place than her creepy laundry room.
Ian has every intention of making amends, but just when Alexis begins to trust him again, a new threat calls more than their future together into question. A ghost from the apartment’s past is hellbent on revenge, and if he wants to get his girl, he’ll have to get the ghost first.

You can stalk Lindsey on the web and learn more about her and her books by checking out these links!




2 Response to "10 Book Confessions: Lindsey R. Loucks"

  1. Lindsey R. Loucks Says:

    Thanks so much for hosting me, Avery!

  2. Katie O'Sullivan Says:

    Love that you still have your same bookmarks! I found one of mine from elementary school the other day, still stuck in my copy of The Secret Garden.