10 Book Confessions: Avery Olive

Hi Everybody! I'd like to introduce you to my new blog segment that will run most every Monday called 10 Book Confessions. As readers, I think most of us have a few secrets that we may or may not be ashamed to admit and this is the place where we'll get to hear from readers as they confess them!

I'm going to start with myself. I think some of these will change on a weekly, or even daily basis, but for right now, here are my dirty little book confessions!


Avery Olive’s 10 Book Confessions

1.       I once read an entire book in a bookstore. If you’ve ever read I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder you know it’s written in poetry form. I sat, in a very comfortable chair, flipped to the first page and began to read—just to see if it was something I’d like. Eventually I got to the end, felt terrible that I’d sat and read the entire book that I just had to buy it anyways to make up for the “free” read. They shouldn’t have comfy chairs in bookstores...

2.       I’ve locked myself in the bathroom just to read. If men can read in a bathroom, than so can I. Sometimes it’s the only way I can get in a few extra chapters.  

3.       I loved Twilight. I loved it so much, that at the time no one I knew had read it so I did the obvious thing—Forced Mr. Olive to read them just so I’d have someone to talk to about the books.

4.        I hated reading in School. So I’d cheat and watch the movie to whatever book we were reading.

5.       My favorite book cover is... This change’s all the time, and like number 9 on the list, nearly on a daily bases. Today, I'd say it's Ink by Amanda Sun. I don't normally gravitate towards pink, but I love the watercolour portrait and the Japanese influence.

6.       My favourite Childhood book is... The Balloon Tree by Phoebe Gilman. It’s about a princess who plants a balloon... and it turns into a Balloon Tree. Super cute, and I loved it!

7.       A movie that was better than the book? I hate to lump but... for some reason I find all movies based on Nicholas Sparks books to be, well, better than the books. Maybe there’s something about seeing timeless romances on the big screen that makes them better?

8.       A book I hated but said I loved? Lying is bad, but sometimes you just force yourself to be on the bandwagon... So truth be told I wasn’t fond of—Okay, I can’t actually say it out loud or I’ll feel terrible. These books (and there are a few) are now part of a string of secrets that I’ll never tell J

9.       All time favourite Character? To be honest, this changes on a near daily basis so... currently, my favourite characters are Tris and Four from the Divergent Series.

10.   I always read the Acknowledgments first. It’s the first thing I do when I get a new book. Flip through and find the section where the Author thanks people. It’s always fun to see who they mention, and why. Some just list them off while other’s give you a fun tid-bit or I love when Authors write in code. I’ve seen it done, and only the person who it’s intended for will know.



2 Response to "10 Book Confessions: Avery Olive"

  1. petoskystone Says:

    For non-fiction books, I always read the index first. A good index will sell the book, for me.

  2. Katie O'Sullivan Says:

    Great list! #9- I just recently read Divergent and yeah, Tris and Four are great characters! Good choice.