Cover Reveal: Becoming Bryn by Angela Carling

Friday, 31 May 2013 23:49 by Avery Olive

I love cover reveals. I do. It gives everyone a chance to get excited about a new book, seeing the cover for the first time and reading the blurb. So, I was super happy when the talented Angela Carling, fellow author and friend, asked me to partake in her upcoming release cover reveal for Becoming Bryn. I like to let the cover and the blurb speak for itself, and let me tell you, I can't wait to read this one!


For months, Jesse has been envious of her twin sister Bryn and even has a crush on Bryn’s gorgeous, popular boyfriend, Quinton. When Jesse awakens from a coma to learn that everyone thinks she IS Bryn, the option of actually taking over her sister’s life is beyond tempting, but there’s a downside. She’d have to give up Ethan, her best friend and the only person she trusts. Could she actually live as Bryn for the rest of her life? And if her family and friends found out, would they ever forgive her?

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I must say, this is one intriguing premise. I can't wait to see how Angela Carling pulls it off. To me it's got a unique appeal, and I think, like Angela's previous books, it will have the same ease of reading, great character voice and will appeal to the masses.

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  1. Teena in Toronto Says:

    I liked this book :)