A Stiff Kiss Playlist: Song 1 (Xylia)

Hey everyone! So, yesterday I posted on my FB page that I was going to be sharing songs from an A Stiff Kiss Playlist. And that technically A Stiff Kiss doesn’t have one, but that it’s my goal to change that.

So, first up, and I know I’ve already shared it around but whatever, Xylia Morana’s theme song is...

Drum Roll Please.....

Now, those of you who know the song and have read the book are probably smiling and nodding, thinking that it’s a great song for Xylia.

Why yes, if I do say so myself. It is a great song, but let me expand a little.

Straight up, Xylia Morana doesn’t care about her reputation. But it’s not simply because she’s rebelling for the sake of it. And I think, or rather hope—that comes across in the novel. She’s not just this teenager who doesn’t care what people think and is only out to gain things for herself.

She has a reason. Actually, she has many reasons for being the way she is. Not all of them are the simple facts of teenage angst, but rather things that go deeper than that. She spends the course of the novel being who she is, standing up for what she believes—even if it gives her that bad girl persona—and she grows.

Wow, does she ever grow over the course of the novel. I think by the end she’s learned just as much about herself as she ended up learning about the other characters in the novel.

I wish I could give you more, but for fear of giving away spoilers, I think I leave this here. And stay tuned, I’ll be adding more songs to the A Stiff Kiss Playlist.

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