Blog Hop: What's Love Got to Do with It?

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So, without further ado...

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Love. It’s February, so that word is constantly being thrown about. It’s plastered on advertisements, romantic movies are playing on what seems to be an endless loop on the television—even radio stations have added an influx of ballads that profess the act as they sing through the airwaves.

Let’s face it. Love is everywhere.

Especially in books. Love always finds a way to weasel into books. And that’s a good thing. I think now more the ever love—of all kinds—is being increasingly acceptable in society, and Authors aren’t afraid to write about it. In fact. That HEA (Happily Ever After) moment is expected in most genres. Love needs to play a huge roll, definitely in Young Adult Novels, which is what I write.

So, when the question ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ was posed to me, I simply answer, Everything.

But there are many different forms of love—sibling love, parental love, romantic lust, love at first sight, tension filled catalyst love that moves mountains—I know, I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself... But for me, and my Young Adult novels, it’s all about realistic love.

Sure, there’s a place for that fairytale romance, where the princess finds her princess, where circumstances so unbelievable happen bringing two characters together that it’s really only believable because it’s a book. A work of Fiction. And that’s great. That’s what lots of readers want. It’s what I want, a lot of the time.

However, there’s a place for realistic love. It’s what I often like to portray in my novels, because yes, though readers, at times, want to indulge in page turning unbelievable romance—the likes of which would simply never happen in real life—there are tons of readers out there that want to read about a love that they can imagine could happen to themselves.

Readers want to relate to characters. They want to understand that there are matters of which they aren’t the only ones going through alone. And they want to read about a love that is possible. That the boy next door can find eyes for his best friend. Where the slightly geeky girl—or secluded loner—can gain the attention of the jock. Where the new kid in town can turn heads and snag the cheerleader. Because it is possible. I think that if you believe in something. If you want it bad enough. And you have the guts to go after it—anything is possible, especially that all consuming, once in a life time love.

But I also want my characters to grow. I want their actions to be just as realistic as the love I want them to feel. I want readers to understand that love isn’t easy. There are good moments, bad ones, even ugly ones, because real love is messy. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. It takes work. And I like to make my characters work for it. I think that’s what makes it just as realistic, showing that it takes two people to make love—and relationships to work—but that love has everything to do with making a romance novel amazing. Love has everything to do with it.

Authors shouldn’t be afraid to make love how they want it to be. That’s the fun of being the author, and putting characters in all kinds of situations. Don’t forget you weave the story, so don’t just write about the love you think readers want to read about. Write about the love that you want to write about. Because love is beautiful.

Alright, I’ve said my piece, leaving it a lot on the short and sweet side because I don’t think anyone can really tell someone how to love or how to write about love. It’s one of those things that have many different angles. You just have to do it and see how you come out on the other side. Remember that. You decide how to love and how to be loved. It’s your choice. Just like it’s an authors choice on how to write about love!

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3 Response to "Blog Hop: What's Love Got to Do with It?"

  1. JeffO Says:

    I'm with you, Avery, I like a more realistic love, with all it's awkwardness and excitement and heartbreak. Nice post!

  2. Constance Phillips Says:

    You are absolutely right about realistic love. I think the reason novels and movies that focus on romance are so popular is because we all the need the escape and love it when the story melts our heart.

  3. Unknown Says:

    Thanks for the fun post and thanks for being part of the giveaway. I love hopping around meeting new authors!!