15 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 7 Angela Carling

Welcome to Day 7 of the 15 Days of Christmas Giveaways! I know you are excited to see what up for grabs today, just as much as I’m excited to share it with you!

Firstly, let me introduce you to todays Author, Angela Carling. Now, she an I go way back lol and she’s written 2 FANTASTIC books (both of which I LOVED)

And Secondly,

Todays prize(s) up for grabs—that’s right I said prize(s) with an S! There’s two prizes that means TWO winners!
An Ebook of Unbreakable Love and Swag Package
An Ebook of Shackled and Swag Package
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Thirdly, I’m going to take one quick moment to introduce Angela’s books!

And Lastly, Angela's taken the time to write a super fun guest post for us, which poses a question that even I need to weigh in on!

Santa an Avid Read?

I’ve long since suspected that Santa is an avid reader. You might say that this assumption is a leap on my part. It’s true, the man’s life is shrouded in mystery, but I have my reasons to assume he moves in the ranks of impassioned readers everywhere.  Let me share them with you and you decide if you agree.

First and foremost, St. Nick boasts a belly born of generations of sedentary behavior. I mean you just don’t get a beefy midsection like that from cookies and milk alone. When was the last time you saw a photo of the Jolly One running on a treadmill or cycling through his compound? It doesn’t happen. What you do see is pictures of Santa nestled into a big red armchair with a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk sitting on the end table beside him. One thing we know for sure is that Santa does cozy and what goes well with a big chair, soft light and cookies…a book of course.

Now Santa’s waistline isn’t the only telltale sign of his literary fetish.  We also know that Santa has a very stressful job, especially during the holidays. Imagine long hours of crying children sitting on your lap, demanding, always demanding.  “I want a new bike”  “I want an Xbox”  “Bring me three American girls and a bed for them.” The demands never end.  How does he unwind at the end of the day, a good book of course. In this way, he is just like the rest of us working Joes.  Work hard all day, and sink into a good story to settle down in the evening. I can almost see it now, He and Mrs. Claus, her leafing through Good Housekeeping while Santa catches up on the third book of his favorite trilogy.   And how do you think he gets the elves to bed. Can’t you see them, their little pointy ears peeking out from the covers listening to the warm, satiny voice of St. Nicklaus as he reads to them stories about all things Christmas?

Lastly, I’m sure reading is a big part of Santa’s world because he lives in the coldest place on earth. A person can only stay out in sub zero temperatures for so long even with a coat of plush velvet and fur.  A rousing game of hide and seek in the forest can be fun but when your hands go numb even inside your fur lined gloves it’s time to go inside. Oh sure, Santa might have the internet. Maybe he’s got a satellite hooked up so he can use Google earth or check out the world wide weather conditions on Christmas Eve, but chances are he doesn’t spend much time on the computer. Santa is an old fashion thinker, a guy set in his ways.  He probably likes his chair in a certain place slippers on his feet and the reliable feel of a crisp book in his hands.  I even offered to send him a hard copy of one of my own books, Unbreakable Love. I know he’d relate to the guardian angel, both him and the angel being in the helping profession and all.

There they are… my reasons for believing that Santa is a reader. How could he not be? Reading makes you jolly! The question I leave with you now is…do you agree. Is our beloved Santa Claus a devourer of literature and studier of stories?  Let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by. 

 I hope our paths cross again and Happy Holidays!!!

Thanks to Angela for this fun holiday post. I for one am a believer that Santa is a closet bibliophile.

Angela is all over the web, you can find her here:

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