Roswell Re-Watch: Season Two (1-10)

We’re back for more. We have to be, because last season left us with a big question mark, are Max and Liz going to make it?

The aliens have Skin and Bone just like us. However in the Season Two premier we fast forward three months. Liz has been gone all summer, Michael has been avoiding Maria, Isabel has just been... Isabel, keeping Alex at arm’s length, Max has been the poor lost puppy dog and Tess... we’ll she’s just sort of been around. I would have loved that everything started on a happier note, but that’s not the case. However, we do meet the latest threat to the aliens. Congresswoman Whitaker. The fact that a geologist found the remains of agent Pierce who was killed by Michael last episode doesn't help matters. She’s determined to prove that whatever happened to the bones was caused by aliens. Max and Liz are thrown together for several very awkward scenes and we still don’t know how they’ll come out in the end. I did like the bit at the beginning where Max is seeing a therapist and “zones” out and tells his story. It’s good for those who’d missed out on Season One.

Favourite Line: Nasedo, “To borrow a rather crude human colloquialism, I've been diddling her all summer.”

In Ask Not we see Nasedo dead. As in, not coming back. The aliens lose their “protector” and the man who was pretending to be Agent Pierce to keep the FBI away from the “pod squad”. For me this episode was blah. We learn about another threat, the skins, we even learn about who one of them is. There’s romantic tension between Max and Liz, it’s obvious, and they do such a good job that they both still care deeply for each other. The UFO center is also under new management and the aliens think it’s another, bad alien, maybe even a “skin” and almost, in their haste, kill a somewhat innocent man. We see Max step into his King roll even more in this episode.

Favourite Line: Kyle, "I'm just not looking forward to dealing with all the little green men again."

It’s Isabel’s 18th birthday but the Surprise in this episode isn’t the party that Max throws her, it’s that Tess goes missing. This for me, was another blah episode. It’s great that we see Isabel trying to have her own life, with Grant Sorenson, however, that keeps getting derailed and I feel sorry for her. I’ve said this before, like in the books, Isabel is never allowed, it seems, to have what Michael and Max have—a relationship. But we do see everyone getting together to try and find Tess. Even Liz puts her differences aside and tries to help out as best she can. We do learn more about Congresswoman Whittaker. She’s popped up this season and has been considered a threat. And, well, she is. At the end of this episode we see she’s the one that’s taken Tess, but sort of by mistake. She wanted Isabel, or rather Valondra, who Isabel was on their home planet. And Whittaker is able to tell us more about the aliens former lives on their home planet before she's blown away.

Favourite Line: Whittaker, “You’re name... was Valondra and you were beautiful. Even more beautiful than you are now.”

We all know what happened in the Summer of ’47, but in this episode we get a fun, closer look. When Michael meets a war veteran as part of an assignment he thinks the old man is boring. But, given some time and a little coaxing Michael is able to get quite a story out of the guy. I think this episode is fun in a way because all the characters jump back in time to become new characters for the story of Hal Carver and the government cover-up of the crash. We learn some vital information, like how many pods there were, that a few aliens did survive the crash—Nasedo and a mystery one. And that Hal Carver was the one that saved the aliens lives. In a touching scene at the end, Michael reveals his gift to say thank you and to show the guy he truly isn’t crazy.

Favourite Line: Michael, “You saved me.”

The End of the World probably won’t happen in this life time, but for the characters of Roswell, if something isn’t changed, it might come sooner than they think. This is one of my all time favourite episodes (aside from the pilot, of course) but it’s also a tear-jerker. A future version of Max comes to Roswell with one thing in mind, making sure that present time Max falls out of love with Liz. And since Max only really trusts Liz, he’s gone to her. That’s right, Max wants Liz to break Max’s heart! Why? Because in the version of the future that Max came from he and Liz are together, but Tess is the reason that the world might end, because she’s not with the group when their enemies attack. Is it a bit of a weak storyline? Yeah. It might be. Do I believe that it would make a huge difference in the end? No, I don’t because I know how the entire series plays out, and this plot point is never really mentioned again. But. BUT, it’s great to see this future version of Max, he tells her things about the future, but also helps her try to break Max’s heart. There are numerous scenes that just make you... swoon. And then, there is one scene that makes you sad because they’ve done their job. The ending of this episode really hurts everyone. There’s a good chance that Max and Liz will never be together again. We also see Michael and Maria’s relationship struggle, and the aliens find out what we already know, that Courtney is a skin.

Favourite Line: Liz, “Don't you realize what you are to me...and you're always gonna be? You're the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you.”

It’s fall in Roswell but The Harvest isn’t about what you’d expect. With the fallout of Congresswoman Witaker made public in a cover-up, the aliens and humans have no choice but to figure out more about her. Leaving Michael and Maria behind to try and find out more about Courtney, Max, Isabel, Tess and Liz travel to Copper Summit, Arizona. Here they meet the Congresswoman’s parents and brother, and realize the town isn’t quite all it seems to be. Though they are welcoming, something is off. Max and Liz have two very awkward conversations and it continues to break my little heart. But the more important thing here is that Copper Summit is full of Skin’s and the harvest is about getting them new “husks” to wear. They trap the aliens, and you think they aren’t going to make it out. But Courtney isn’t as bad as you’d think and when Michael and Maria are able to confront her, she tells them all she knows and they’re able to rush to everyone’s aid. We learn more about the aliens as they were on their home planet, which will continue to spur the series forward. And of course, they are able to destroy the Skin’s collection of... Skins, thinking the threat of them is gone.

Favourite Quote: Nickolas, “She used to tell me stories about this planet in another galaxy, how there was this war going on, like a revolution.” I like this simply because it’s the first hint that something isn’t quite right about these people.

After a popular TV show, the name of the next episode, is Wipe Out, but it’s not going to be any fun J The Skins come to town and they’ve done something to all the humans—they’ve made them disappear. Well, almost all of them. Maria and Liz were out of town, running an errand. Kyle and Valenti were on a fishing trip. But it becomes apartment early on that they’re all going to have to work together to get themselves out of this mess. Courtney puts on her new husk, and I’d like to know what happened to the old one lol. Isabel thinks she can save the day by going out alone and Maria, Kyle and Liz think they can destroy the force that’s taken the humans away. This is an episode where you see the segregation of the humans and aliens since Liz’s act in The End of the World. It’s putting strain on everyone, not just Liz and Max. But by the end of this episode we see, once and for all, the skins eradicated. Tess used a power she didn’t even know she had. Maria is the one that brings the humans back after the force catches up with Kyle and Liz making them disappear too. There were a few scenes that tell us, like in Harvest that I didn’t mention, that Max still has great feelings for Liz. Even if his heart is broken, he can’t help but want to protect her. It’s sweet. We learn even more about the aliens in their other life and the granilith is becoming more and more important.

Favourite Line: Isabel, “I'm not avoiding you. We destroyed a race of people. I'm just trying to get past it.”

Meet the Dupes and Max in the City are probably my least favourite episodes ever, so I’ll do them together because they are essentially part one and two of this plot point. Earlier we learned that there was another set of four pods out there in the world. When the five rulers of the planets want to meet for a Summit, and Zan the duplicate version of Max doesn’t want to go, he meets an untimely death. The three left over aliens, Lonnie, Rath and Ava travel to Roswell in hopes of bringing Max to the Summit instead. These “dupes” are a disturbing version of Tess, Isabel and Michael. They use lies and tricks to get Max to go with them and brings Tess along. In a sort of awkward goodbye Max tells Liz he’s leaving, and she tells Max not to give the granilith to anyone, in the wrong hands it could be bad—and that’s what future Max told her. Sure, we learned a bit more about the aliens home planet, the dupes seem to remember more, but a plot point is introduced that I feel never really gets off the ground and never really mentioned again. If all the planets are at war, why does it stop, or is not mentioned again after these episodes? I’m stopping here because really, I’ve got nothing else good to say. The only thing that happens that’s sort of relevant is that when Ava tells the real aliens that Max’s life could be in danger. As it turns out, Liz is really the only one that has the power to connect with Isabel’s dreamwalking and save his life.

Favourite Line: Ava, “I always felt like he was waiting for someone else to walk into his life.” I like this line because even the dupe version of Tess seems to realize that she wasn’t really meant to be with Zan the dupe version of Max.

Okay, A Roswell Christmas Carol ranks very high on the favourite Roswell Episode list. This one is definitely a tear jerker, so grab your Kleenex! In this episode we see Max being haunted by the ghost of someone he let die. We think it’s because he didn’t want to risk using his powers, but we’ll find out later the truth. We see Max in a dark place and I love how even after everything he and Liz have been through, it’s her he goes to when he needs a friend. They come up with a plan to restore the balance. Brody, the new owner of the UFO Center has been seen throughout the last few episodes in bits and pieces, we saw him being used as a vessel in the last two episodes, but here we find out he has a daughter. Max is determined to heal her, hoping that will be enough to make the Ghost leave him alone. Maria also shows her maternal side and wants to be there for Brody and his daughter, feeling sorry for them. I think Christmas time does that! And Michael is on the hunt for the perfect present for her. I must say, I thought she was being selfish when she didn’t love Michaels present and expected more. I thought what he came up with was perfect! However, moving on, in a sad turn of events Brody’s daughter lands in the hospital, but Max is still determined as ever to do the right thing. He and Michael go and Max does even better, he tries to heal all the sick children in the hospital, using every ounce of strength he has. I cried. Seriously. It was so sweet, and the music they played.... The ghost in a way forgives Max and leaves to be with his family. Michael takes Max to see the result of his work and then Max goes to be with Liz.

Favourite Line: Liz, “I thought you didn’t believe in God.” Max, “I believe in you.” This is a heartbreaking moment. I swear. Because you think it means that they are going to be together, rather, instead it just gives you false hope for what’s to come.
Thanks for stopping by! Next up we have the final episodes of Season Two and then we move on to the Third and *cry* final season of the hit TV series, Roswell!


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