Roswell Re-Watch: Season One (1-11)

Monday, 1 October 2012 13:09 by Avery Olive

Okay, so originally I was going to call it quits with the Roswell posts (that is until I finished the re-watch) and start back up when I started to read the remaining Roswell books (not related to Melinda Metz’s series but rather the show) however, I just found I couldn’t resist.
However, there are, what, like, 61 episodes. That’d be 61 posts, which seems a little excessive, even for me, a huge Roswellian fan! So, for the duration of the Roswell Re-watch I’m going to try and limit myself to say, two posts per season. Maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll add in more if it’s warranted.

Since everyone is doing the re-watch on their own terms, and if I don’t set some limits, I’d re-watch all the episodes start to finish and sluff off my other duties, I’ll do my best to do a post or two a week! That way you don’t get sick of me and I don’t get sick of my own voice (okay, who am I kidding, I love my own voice, and it’s not really my voice...) I don’t get sick of my own typing ;) And since I’ve read all the books, I’m sure I’ll sprinkle in a little bit about those (as I did with the book posts, sprinkling in a little about the show)

Alright. Here we go. 3, 2, 1... Blast off!
Okay, that was corny. I crack myself up.

Episode One. Wow, what can I say? The show starts off immediately grabbing your attention. I’m sure most of you can recite those opening lines, just like I can.
I loved this episode. It’s also a great perspective seeing it on the screen when I know now the inspiration came from a book. If you recall (or maybe you don’t) that back when the show aired I wasn’t much of a reader, and to be honest didn’t even know the series of books existed until a few short months ago.
I really enjoyed seeing the book come to life. Sure, things were left out, but they kept the important stuff—Max saving Liz’s life and exposing himself as an alien along with his sister and best friend. He took a huge risk. We see this in books and movies a lot. But I believe this one was done well and right off we see the instant chemistry the two characters share which propels the series forward.

Favourite line: There are lots but I really like when Liz asks why Max risked everything to save her and he says, simply and honestly, “It was you.”
The Morning After jumps us right into learning a little more about the aliens. But we also get to see that Sheriff Valenti isn’t the only possible threat to the team. I love in this episode that Liz doesn’t hesitate and shares concerns about Mrs. Topolsky. I think it’s great to see her care so much not just about Max but the other aliens as well. We also get to see Michael and more about his take charge persona.

Favourite line: I love the bit about the Czechoslovakians between Maria and Liz. I think often they share some great banter.
In Monsters we get more Isabel. She’s got a unique gift and she uses it on Maria. In the books we see this similar gift. However each of the aliens has the ability to dream walk. Of course, it’s not described nearly as poetic as in the books by Melinda Metz. Dream walking is a very cool thing. It gives us a window into Maria’s mind and how she sees the aliens, and how she already has a little, tiny thing for Michael. Maria also has to face Sheriff Valenti. I loved the tension. I honestly had no idea whether or not she was going to crack. And I enjoyed seeing the start of the strong bond between the aliens and the humans begin to form.

Favourite Line: When Maria is talking with Sheriff Valenti and makes the decision to protect the aliens secret. “A very nice family. And like you said sheriff, we wouldn't want to destroy any other families in this town, would we?” This just shows us that even though the aliens are—aliens everyone can sympathize with them, showing us they aren’t so bad.

Leaving Normal was a bit of a tear jerker for me. We see this amazing Grandmother come to down and make an untimely exit L But whiles she’s there she gives Liz some great advice when it comes to both Max and Kyle. We see Kyle go from the boyfriend to the ex—and I must say, I think all around his character is a little funny and overly sensitive! Max did some great things in this episode and they bond between Max and Liz only grows deeper.
Favourite line: Liz’s Diary Monologue. It takes about following your heart. It’s great advice, not just when it comes to romance.

Missing is for me a Liz and Michael episode, among other things. And since I can’t sum up everything I’ll stick to what grabbed me the most. Which is finally seeing Michael accept Liz into the group. Her diary goes missing, fingers are pointed but the suspect isn’t who I thought it would be. Right away I assumed it was Mrs. Topolsky, though we do see that she wants it just as much as anyone. Kyle hints at having it, which is almost a bit of foreshadowing because soon enough, he’ll know every ones secret, but it’s Michael. He takes it, reads it and realizes that really, having Liz and Maria in on the secret isn’t so bad. In the books all the aliens and humans form a strong family like bond and we see this happen even more in this episode.

Favourite line: Michael’s line, “Thanks for giving me one more reason to envy Max Evans.” It’s honest, yet laced with a bit of humor because Michael always seems so sure and confident (except when it comes to his powers)
285 South and Riverdog are part one and two so I thought I’d do them together. We see a bit of momentum happen when it comes to the discovery of the aliens past and present. They take a road trip, they find the house from Michael’s vision but they also discover not much is there.  But they take what they can grab when they realize someone is in the house with them—a box of files and a necklace. We see for the first time and for sure that both Valenti and Topolsky have been following them. The threat to the aliens becomes more real than ever in these episodes and you can feel how much everyone is on edge.

When Max and Isabel’s house is broken into and the files they took from Atherton’s house disappear, the aliens realize even more how much they could be in danger, and how much they’ve put Liz and Maria in danger just by sharing their secret. But, they do get a sense of understanding when the Necklace leads them to a Native American Reservation where they learn about the mysterious other alien who has a knack for killing. These two episodes really set things up for the ones to come towards the end of the season.
Favourite Line: Riverdog’s,  “Make sure he deserves your trust.” We’ll see in later episodes and in other seasons, that Max doesn’t always deserve Liz’s trust. I think it’s a great foreshadow.

I really have a fondness for Alex and we get to see a lot more of him in Blood Brothers. Up until this point I haven’t really mentioned Alex, mostly because he’s there, in the background, not doing much, until now. When Max and Liz take off to do something—normal—they get into a car accident. I loved the scenes before the accident, the adoring eye gazing they were doing. Liz’s Monologue and the song they both like on the radio. You think it’s going to be this super happy, romantic episode and then bam! Upon rushing Max and Liz to the hospital they quickly realize they’re in a major pickle. The hospitals taking Max’s blood and it ain’t normal and they need to get it back. I felt sorry for Alex in this episode because he drops everything to run to Liz’s rescue, he’s beyond loyal and it’s perhaps not always a good thing. They don’t tell him the truth, they lie some more, and poor Alex leaves with his tail between his legs. I hated Liz and just wanted everyone to tell him the truth.  We also see more from Topolsky’s team as they try and get Max’s blood, go through his chart and pick through the garbage, only to come up empty handed.
Favourite line: Ms. Topolsky, “This isn't going to end just because you know who I am. I was on your side. I just hope your friend Max doesn't end up in the wrong hands without me here.”  Hint, hint.

Everyone loves to hate a good Heat Wave, in fact it feels like we’re going through on right now up north ;) So this episode is all about temptation and romance and chemistry and my god, is it hot! We see Maria and Michael plunge into their sort of-undefined-relationship. We see other’s pair up like Kyle and some random girl who I can’t remember what her name is. What we don’t see, right away, any movement between Max and Liz. He’s so... Argh. He’s strong-willed, calculating and considerate. There’s so much about it him that’s taken from the books, like how he’s the leader of the group, the one that looks out for everyone and the one that doesn’t want to jump into anything with both feet. And Liz, a few times it’s almost as though she’s throwing herself at him. It’s kind of cute. A lot happens in this episode, things between Alex and the group (he’s finally let in on the secret) Valenti pushes the group even more, hoping they will crack and spill their secret. We see Isabel dreamwalk Alex and learn that he’s smitten.  But for me, it’s about the all important moment, right at the end. I love how Max, throughout the series shows up at Liz’s, whisper yells up to her little balcony and climbs the ladder to see her. It’s got that hint of Romeo and Juliet. Anyways, they kiss. And it’s one of those kisses that even though it’s not happening to us, we’re weak in the knees. Our hearts explode because we think, YES! This is what we’d been hoping for and the moment is perfect. I think every girl wishes they could have a first kiss like that!
Favourite Line: “Liz, I think that what I'm afraid of isn't that we try this and it works out really badly. What I'm afraid of is if we try it and it works out really well. I'm afraid of feeling everything that I know I would feel. Because I know it's not meant to be. And somewhere down the line, we're gonna get hurt. I can live with that. I just couldn't bear to hurt you.”

The Balance shows Michael again, taking things into his own hands. He wants answers, especially when Max has a drawing of various symbols. But when Michael goes to River dog, something goes wrong. At the same time we see Liz and Max have their first sort of date. It’s cute, they eat, they play pool and have fun. And Maria holds down the fort at the Crashdown. Alex also starts his super adorable, pine for Isabel.  However, all things come to a halt, when Michael get’s really sick. I like this episode, as I did Blood Brothers, because it shows us, in a way, that the aliens still have a human side. They get hurt, they get sick (even if it’s not completely human reasons) and that they need the help of others to help them. I really enjoyed hearing more about Nesado, the other alien, while everyone’s in the cave. The flashes when they are healing Michael and the sense of accomplishment after they’ve done their job. Even if Michael and the others don’t see it fully yet, they need Liz, Maria and Alex (who was the first one to take a spot around the circle) The ending of this show tugs at your heart a little. You finally think Max and Liz are going to have their chance, but Max sees the danger, worry, and upset of him being with Liz will cause her and chooses to put the brakes on their still undefined relationship L
Favourite Line: There were lots but I think I liked this one, because it’s so honest, and you can see the torment in Liz’s eyes as she worries about the safety of Max. Rivedog, “You're afraid... not of the healing. Your fear runs deeper. You fear for someone else, someone you care for a great deal. Take a step back. You cannot stop the flow.” Liz, “I’m sorry.”

In the Toy House episode, we see a lot from Isabel and Max’s perspective about how hard it is to keep the secret from their Mother. They were lucky, they got adopted right away, and landed in a happy home. But when Max saves his mother’s life from a fire it raises all sorts of questions. Questions that probably would have been asked if it wasn’t for the fact that Valenti is right there, putting those questions into Mrs. Evans head. I felt sorry for Isabel much of the episode. A bond with a mother is very different for a girl than a boy, and I sympathize with her. We also see the three aliens make a decision, but in a lead up of what’s to come, we see Max take charge, and make the decision for everyone. But we do get to see his softer side. The scene with Max and his mom is very sad. He wants her to accept him for who he is, but doesn’t want her to know the truth. I loved the explanation for the Toy House, and it’s so great to hear about the past, before the show started.
Favourite Line: Max, “Mom, please don't ask me about this anymore. It's nothing bad. It's nothing dangerous. I beg you to trust me. I're my mother. Please, mom.” We see Max get really emotional here.

Alright, so that’s my eleven episodes!
If you are reading this and don’t know what the heck is going on, we’re going a Roswell Re-watch, join up *here* and watch all the shows!!

Also, most of the quotes I grabbed from, they have an extensive archive of all things Roswell! A must for any fan to check out ;)




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