Roswell-Read-a-Thon: The Outsider (Book One)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012 13:33 by Avery Olive

I've been a fan of the TV Show, Roswell since it first aired back in 1999. Back then of course the only thing I did was watch TV. Had I known that the show I loved, about aliens on earth, disguised as cute, mysterious and quiet regular teenagers was a book series, well, it wouldn’t have much mattered. I probably wouldn’t have dared crack open the book and *gasp* read. I had so many more important things to do.

But when a subscription to Netflix revealed I could watch the much loved TV show again, even now, over ten years later, I jumped in and soaked it. I bet I covered all three season in a little over a week. I was thrown back into the world of Max and Liz, who I'd almost call lovers of the star-crossed variety.

So, you can only imagine how tickled pink I was that now, in my older years, I find out the much loved TV Show is based off a series of Books called Roswell High by Melinda Metz.

Jumping on a wagon to find you ten years into the future and that the books you crave are out of print is disappointing to say the least but BUT... Thank god for Kindle! For about ten dollars each I was able to download the books and start reading.

Enter the RoswellRead-a-thon. I was beyond giddy when I randomly came across a Facebook group and a swarm of people with the same love for Roswell as I and an eagerness to read the books! Luck couldn't have been more on my side, destiny I would call it. Nothing short of kismet because there were people out there willing to read and chat about the very books I had just managed to get my hands on!

So here we are. Now, you are all caught up with my journey and as I read the books, I'll write a blog post sharing a few things with you, the world.

The book opens up with a scene similar to that of the show. A young waitress  serving up alien inspired fair to a couple of unsuspecting tourists, in a town once rocked by what could still be the Governments biggest cover up. Liz, the main characters last name slightly different then her on screen counterpart, the description of herself is the same. I agree for the sake of TV to come up with something simple, plain even. Her character on TV, and thus far in the series is something we writers like to call a Mary-Sue, so her name should reflect as such.

But the similarities don’t stop there, her quirky best friend Maria is the spitting resemblance, with a character profile so in-tune with the onscreen version that the two were a perfect fit. Molded together, I quickly loved both, right from the start, the Maria from the show and the Maria from the Book.

I thank the creators and screen writers for not talking away the Crashdown Cafe. It plays an important role both in the book and onscreen. The hub for which the story and show begins and where the lives of the characters change, for the better, or the worse, that’s up to you to decide.

The problem with any onscreen adaptation is that details are always mixed and muddled. Silly things like last names, hair color and even some personality traits don’t crossover but I was still intrigued.

I could still close my eyes and picture the scene as it played out before me, of course, the characters took on the form of which I knew from the series but even that doesn’t matter. Not really.

I was surprised that the first book was very similar to the pilot episode of the show. Many things the same, playing out in such an uncanny similar manner it was at times hard to remember what came first, the show or the book. But of course, the written word by an author I'd never heard of--until recently--came first.

The writing was smooth, to the point. I wasn’t overwhelmed with paragraphs of description but I also didn't feel a picture was completely painted either. I found myself filling any blanks with TV show resemblances that I had picked up along the way. No matter.

I also had to remind myself that when it comes to writing such as movies, TV and even music, the era changes everything. The characters often used corny '90's lines. At times I wondered if I too sounded that silly back then. I pushed that side and continued on...

I very much liked this first look into the series that though was short lived, to this day still has die hard followers.

The things left out of the shows first episode were interesting to read. The differences at times were enough to give the world, for me, a new take, giving me a whole new outlook. I craved Roswell and this was like getting even more of a show I deeply missed.

Max, whether the blond haired, quiet, good samaritan--he saved a mouse after all--from the book or the deeply wounded brunette from the show is still swoon worthy. His character continues to draw in the love, at times I even had to remind myself that I'm an adult now, shaking my head for blushing and getting caught up in the world where he was a teenage alien. But for me, he is what propels this story forward. His life, his secret and his love for Liz.

The romance of the novel seemed at times like it was going to move hypersonic in speed compared to the show. For this first novel, I’m okay with that because quickly we see Max put on the breaks. Though he loves Liz, he understands that they cannot be together. Her life is in danger as well, just as much as his, and the rest of the alien/human group.

This is a good start to a series. It was able to grab my attention and hold on to it. I only hope the rest of the novels can do that, in part because I’ve heard after this point, the TV Show and the Books have little in common.

If you are a Roswell Fan like myself, it's not to late to join the Read-A-Thon! Grab your Roswell High books, or download them for your e-reader and joing the group!

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  1. Dana Says:

    I love this series and am also doing the read athon can't wait for next week! I followed you blog to see your posts for it too!!:)

  2. Regina Vitolo Mader Says:

    Thanks for posting about the Roswell Read-A-Thon on your blog, Avery! And thanks for the great discussion topics you have been posting. Glad you could join us!