Giveaway: A Stiff Kiss Scavenger Hunt!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012 21:31 by Avery Olive

I’ve been thinking lately about fun ways to spread the word about A Stiff Kiss as well as giving away some fun prizes. I came to this thought, and hope you all have just as much fun playing the game as I did creating it!
The rules are simple. Below you will find fifteen questions. Your goal is to comb the net and find the answers. For each question I’ve given you the source for the answer, but it’s still your job to locate it. This contest is open to all residents of planet Earth so spread the word!

Once you’ve completed all the questions or done your best you must email your answers to me HERE!

There are three prize packages up for grabs. For those of you who manage to get all fifteen answers correct you will be entered to win:
The Grand Prize Package including an A Stiff Kiss Canvas Tote bag and a Signed Print Copy of A Stiff Kiss as well as some signed Swag.
For the close but not all correct answers you will be entered to win:
The second Place Prize Package including an A Stiff Kiss T-shirt, signed swag and one E-Copy of A Stiff Kiss.
Because I believe everyone should have a chance to win a prize... For the rest of you who took the time to answer the questions whether you got them all right or not will be entered to win:
The Third Place Prize Package of an A Stiff Kiss Mouse-pad and some signed swag.

If you’d like to check out pictures of the Prize Packages up for grabs feel free to follow this LINK J

Now, the contest will run from July 4th 2012 and close Midnight (Standard MT Time) July 14th 2012.
And because all contests need to have rules, you can find those at the bottom of the page. They also will be posted at this LINK for future reference.

Here are the questions!

A Stiff Kiss Scavenger Hunt Question Form
(Your name and email must be sent along with your answers or you will not be eligible to win. I will assume you are an alien living on another planet and delete it)


Remember each question will come with a link. It would be wise to follow the link to help guide you on your scavenger hunt for answers!

1.       According to Becky Wallace’s Blog, What’s YourThought On That, If I were going to set up a Facebook page for A Stiff Kiss how would I describe it? (Copy and paste your answer)

2.       The cover art for A Stiff Kiss is awesome, check out this LINK and tell me who designed it.

3.       According to an interview over at J.F. JenkinsBlog, what are the two Mash-up names Landon and Xylia came up with for themselves?

4.       I was lucky enough to talk about my favourite flavor of Ice Cream over at The Twisted Piece, suddenly, now I can’t seem to remember what it was... Why don’t you tell me?

5.       I stopped by Hildie McQueen’s Blog once and she was drinking tea. She said it was fragrant (flowery) and it reminded her of what?  

6.       Goodreads has A Stiff Kiss on some Lists, about four or five, last count. What is the name of one of those lists?

7.       A Stiff Kiss has some weight to it, don’t you think? What is the Shipping Weight listed on

8.       In a recent interview at Danielle Sibarium’sBlog, I was asked if Xylia could cross paths with characters from another novel, who would they be? Name the two characters, the novel and the Author I went with.

9.       Fill in the blanks below by stopping over at YA Bound:

A modern day ___   ___ tale with a ____ twist.

10.   A Stiff Kiss in on sale, sort of, at Barnes andNoble, what is the Paperback List Price?

11.    I used a baby name site, Think Baby Names, to find Xylia’s name. If I was to eat food from the original origin of the name, what kind of restaurant would I be dinning at?

12.   You’ll have to “Look Inside” on to answer this question—At the start of Chapter Two Landon is in what kind of room?

13.   Landon shares his last name with a MythicalBird, what is it?

14.   On February 6th 2012 on the A StiffKiss Fan Page I came up with a funny tag line. It made me laugh, does it make you? Let me know what that tag line was. (Copy and Paste Your answer and don't forget to "Like" the page!)

15.   Last Question Folks! This one doesn’t get a link because I think the answer is easy... Who is the awesome publisher behind A Stiff Kiss?

Rules and Regulations for the A Stiff Kiss Scavenger Hunt!
1.       In order to be eligible for any of the above mentioned prizes you must complete the form and email to before Midnight (Standard MT Time) July 14th 2012
2.       Only those completed forms, with all ten answers correct, will be put into a draw for the Grand Prize Package.
3.       Only the completed forms, with the second highest scoring will be put into a draw to be eligible to win The Second Prize Package.
4.       All participants of the contest whose forms are completed, or almost completed, no matter how many correct answers received will be entered to win The Third Prize Package.
5.       All winners will be chosen at random using the services of my five year old son, a hat and names on paper. Sorry, no fancy winner generators used here.
6.       You must live somewhere on Earth to receive your prize. The above mentioned prizes are not eligible to be won be any person, alive, dead, or alien living on another planet.
7.       In the event that you’ve been selected for a prize and cannot be contacted or have not claimed your prize in a timely manner (One Week From Date Announced) will forfeit their winnings and the prize will go on to someone else.
8.       Finally, have fun!

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  1. Leslie Dover Says:

    I did it. I sent you all the answers!!! Hopefully I got them all correct!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Best wishes with the hunt!!!

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    Word shared Avery!

    Dottie :)

  4. Alyssa Susanna Says:

    I did it yay!!! Thank you so much for doing this!!!! :)
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