Author Interview/Blog Tour/Giveaway: Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium

Friday, 15 June 2012 23:39 by Avery Olive

I love getting the chance to interview authors, take part in book tours and share with you great new novels. Today’s guest has not one, but two great novels out. Though we are here to celebrate the release of Heart Waves, don’t forget to check out Danielle Sibarium’s other novel For Always.

Also, Danielle has been kind enough to offer up an e-copy of Heart Waves to one lucky reader! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered to win!!
So without further adieu, let me present to you a fun interview with Danielle and check out her new release, Heart Waves!

Welcome Danielle Sibarium! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How about in five words or less.
I live to write!
Now why don’t you tell us a bit about Heart Waves? In five words or less, of course J
Contemporary romance with paranormal twist
So many interviews tend to have the same questions, let’s shake things up a bit, shall we?
What is your favorite kind pizza?
My favorite is bruschetta pizza followed close by Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza
Let’s say you are forced to live in a tower, like Rapunzel, but you only have room for two books, what would they be and why?
The first book would be the Bible. I would have a lot of questions, why me? What is the reason behind my isolation? I would hope to find comfort and inspiration in the Bible that it is all part of a bigger plan that I am not yet aware of, that I am never truly alone and that others have suffered much worse fates.

The second book, hmm . . . this one is tougher. I think I’d have to say Twilight. I absolutely love Edward Cullen. While reading Twilight, I had to write. Every minute I could. It was no longer a desire I could control, it was a need taking over my life.  Just for the sheer inspiration, I’d have to keep Twilight near and hope it would help me find a way out.
But wait, you can also keep one more important item with you (for fun let’s say it can’t be any bigger than a loaf of bread) what would it be?
Depending on the size of the loaf of bread I’d say my IPad. If that’s too big, I’d take my IPod.
Congrats on Heart Waves being the follow up to your debut novel, can you tell us what inspired you to write the novel?
I got the idea for Heart Waves while writing For Always, or was it the other way around? Originally they were supposed to be part of the same book, but that didn’t work for me or the characters, so I decided to break it into two separate, not related books. This allowed the characters go where they wanted rather than keeping them in restraints on a path they didn’t want to take.  
Where do you see yourself as an Author in five years?
I have many more stories and ideas rolling around in my head, so hopefully five years from now there will be many more books, another series or two and possibly a movie deal.
How did you get your start in writing, was it always your dream?
I fell in love with writing as I literally learned to write. I learned about brainstorming in first grade. Later that day at a birthday party I lost a game of hot potato because I was preoccupied with brainstorming. I envisioned a topic, with a brain spitting out all sorts of words related to it. It was an actual storm of ideas. How cool! Right then and there I was hooked.

Finally, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors? Maybe a lesson that you’ve learned that you’d like to share.
Read incessantly, write daily, and revise, revise, revise. Write what you are passionate about, not what you think the market is currently dictating, markets change. Be open to the ever fluid times. The publishing industry has and will continue to transform. We have not seen the finished product, so don’t get hung up on the traditional ideals.
Thank you so much Danielle for stopping by! I had a great time, and now I get to share with everyone the cover of Heart Waves along with the fun blurb!

 Jenna Kingsley has a gift. She knows things. With a simple touch she can pick up personal information from jewelry or objects. While at a neighbor’s party, a voice mesmerizes her. Jenna is momentarily frozen as a ring is placed in her hand. White electricity surges through her and a dire prediction is made. “It’s like Romeo and Juliet. You’re going to break my heart.”

From the moment they meet Jenna is enchanted and entranced with Reece Walton. She’s thrilled to learn he’s spending the summer two houses away from hers. Every moment they spend together is magical. But she can’t get the prediction out of her mind. As the summer draws to a close and secrets are revealed, can Jenna get past the fear of being left with a broken heart to live in the moment with Reece or will her fear of being hurt fulfill the prophecy?

Now here’s a little bit about Danielle and where to find her and her books on the web!!

Danielle Sibarium author of For Always grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout her childhood, she transported herself into a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Books were the gateway between her play world and reality. On any given summer afternoon she became Snow White sweeping and cooking for the dwarves, or Cinderella waiting for the prince.

In 2007 Danielle collaborated with Charlotte Doreen Small to write songs for her CD More. Danielle wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand, and Goodbye, while Charlotte contributed the melody.

Danielle graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with honors, and currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.—Provided by Author

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  1. Danielle Sibarium Says:

    Hi Avery, thank you so much for having me! It has been so much fun!

  2. Unknown Says:

    I read through For Always in two days and couldn't get enough of it. I fell in love with it and I cannot wait to read Heart Waves. Hope I win:)