It's a Good Thing: Guest Books

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 14:11 by Avery Olive
I was channelling Martha Stewart today when I came up with this post. And of course, thanks to my Mommy for coming up with the idea in the first place.

So today we have “It’s a Good Thing” See the Martha reference? If you don’t, crawl back under your rock.

As I mentioned, credit goes to my Mommy for this idea. She wanted to create a guest book. Think wedding... You know those fancy, over priced books people sign to show they were at your wedding because you were probably too drunk to remember it.

Now, you might be wondering how does that do any good to an Author?

Well... I recently had a book signing (sure some of it was family, but some of it wasn’t) they came, they bought a book, they entered to win a prize and they SIGNED my guest book.

Insert evil laugh. (Mwhahahaha *cough*) Anyways...

I now have the email address of everyone who bought a copy of A Stiff Kiss.

Of course, you don’t want to abuse this power by spamming the crap out of people who purchased your book. However, they knowingly wrote down their email in hopes of getting important, upcoming information.

So if you are having another book released, planning another party or are having a sale, you can now e-mail those people who already took the time to purchase your book.

It’s also just fun to see the names of all the people who came to your event, where they are from and if they took the time to write a quick little comment. It’s a keepsake more than anything, one that you can use, if done wisely to your advantage.

My Mommy created this on her own, using her favorite program, grabbing free backgrounds and inserting fun quotes. It took about an hour or two of time, and cost about 5 bucks.
But as I'm sure you've gathered, the time, the cost and the memory of creating an Author Guest Book is in fact, A Good Thing!

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