Rescue Your Goodreads Book?!

Save Your Goodreads Book!

So, there has been a bit of a buzz lately over on Goodreads, and a few other writing forums the last few weeks. Finally today, I dug in through the masses of posts and words and figured out what all the fuss is about.
And by fuss, I mean a potential for your Goodreads book to be removed, if it’s not rescued L
As told to many Goodread Authors, and posted on their site, Goodreads is going to be making a bit of a change.

At Goodreads, we make it a priority to use book information from the most reliable and open data sources, because it helps us build the best experience for our members. To that end, we're making a major change.

On January 30, Goodreads will no longer display book information that comes from Amazon.
This includes data such as titles, author names, page counts, and publication dates. For the vast majority of book editions, we have imported this data from other sources. Those few remaining editions for which we haven't found an alternative source of information will be removed from Goodreads.” –
Sourced from Goodreads and Absolute Write.

So, what does this mean? And how will it affect Authors?
What this means is, instead of gathering information from Amazon—and other sites—for your books “information” page, they are going to be leaving Amazon out of the mix and strictly gathering from other sites.
Now, for most of you this isn’t a problem, your books may be available everywhere, but for the Author who at present only has books listed on Amazon, or have self-published and have your books on only Amazon, you will have to manually add your book, or manually update your information.
It’s not that big of a deal. You can easily become a Goodreads Author, and upload your books to Goodreads, you’ll just have to fill in the blanks, instead of Goodreads tracking down your novel and adding it themselves.

What you need to do, is save your book. Go onto Goodreads, make sure it’s there and make sure you’ve updated all the information. If you plan on in the future only publishing through Amazon, or its affiliates, you may from now on (if you didn’t already before) have to add your own books.
For many keeping up with Goodreads isn’t important, and you may think it’s don’t a big deal that Goodreads, for whatever reason, as decided to leave Amazon out of the information gathering but don’t forget other’s use the site, other’s love the site and use it when thinking about making their next purchase.  So, this is a good way to get yourself out there, a good way to network, so you use it. J

Now, I also owe everyone a winner! The person that has won a signed copy of Angela Carlings, Unbreakable Love is....


Congrats on the book, and may thanks for stopping by and showing some love!

5 Response to "Rescue Your Goodreads Book?!"

  1. Kate Evangelista Says:

    Why Amazon only? This is so interesting.

  2. Avery Olive Says:


    I have no idea why just Amazon, I can only assume that it has something to with Amazon slowly trying to take over the world lol
    But seriously, it is interesting. I wasn't able to find out why. Just that's happening :(

  3. JeffO Says:

    This is an interesting development. I wonder if this is Goodreads taking offensive action against Amazon, or a case where Amazon has shut off that avenue to Goodreads. It's like the battle currently being waged between my cable provider and one of the networks they used to carry, with each side pointing fingers and blaming the other.

    And thanks for the contest! I'm looking forward to reading Unbreakable Love.

  4. Anju Gattani Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Avery. I've Tweeted it too and hope others, who are as confused as I am, won't be so. Or at least less so.

    Just when I had things up and running (and working!) something has to go wrong!


  5. Avery Olive Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment @Anju and @JeffO!