Author Interview: Angela Carling and International Giveaway

Hello All! Today we have a special treat and a little Giveaway! Recently I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Angela Carling, and read her book—review to come—Unbreakable Love.
For today’s International Giveaway I have one Signed Paperback copy of Unbreakable Love! Just leave a comment, show Angela some love and a winner will be selected and announced on Monday January 23, 2012
Now, please put your hands together and welcome Angela to the stage!

Welcome Angela! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How about in five words or less.
Optimistic, creative, determined, hard-working, and a little feisty
Now why don’t you tell us a bit about Unbreakable Love? In five words or less, of course J
You’re killing me with the five word thing, but I’ll give it a try…Unbreakable Love is: romantic, tender, heartbreaking, funny, and inspiring.  That was actually easier than I thought it would beJ
So many interviews tend to have the same questions, let’s shake things up a bit, shall we?
Say you wanted a piece of cake, right this second (it’s okay if you do) what flavor would it be?
You’re craving something home-cooked, you know that one dish that makes you feel warm and comfortable, what is it and why?
Of course I want cake right now.  You’ve read the book.  You know Celeste, the supervisor that can be bribed with sweets.  Let’s just say the inspiration for her character was not hard to find.  OK, back to cake.  The flavor would be chocolate, but particularly some cake from Black Angus called the Big Mountain Chocolate something or other and I wouldn’t eat the cake, just the frosting.  I save all my calories for the good stuff.

A comfort meal huh, that would be enchiladas because I made it for my husband on our first date and I am sure that must be the reason he married me. 
Let’s say you’ve decided to take a hot air balloon ride, say around the world, and you only have room to bring two books with you, what would they be and why?
 Riding on a hot air balloon is on my list of things to do before I die. I like this question. As for the books I would take, The Tale of Desperaux is a must. It simple, but beautiful and has some great one-liners. The second book I would choose is this the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.  His characters are so endearing and just pretending that there is another world on the other side of the closet door makes me feel like a kid again. Mmm, it seems like my taste in books needs to grow up.
But wait, you can also take one more important item with you (for fun let’s say it can’t be any bigger than a loaf of bread) what would it be?
OK, this one is easy.  I would take my bread sized battery powered Bose stereo and my iPod securely attached.  Do you like how I snuck in that extra item?  I was raised on Rock and Roll and I love, love, did I mention love music.  It is my morning Java and the thing that settles me down when life gets too intense.  Now, just don’t make me choose between music and books. That’s like asking if I want to give up air or oxygen.
Where do you get your inspiration for your novels from?
I’ve thought a lot about this question the last little bit.  I think the answer is my human nature.  Do you ever go to the mall and just sit there and watch people. You see teenagers trying to impress each other, Moms and daughters, some close and some barely tolerating each other. Then there is couples, that’s a whole different kind of study.  The long of short of it is that I think people are amazing.  They are diverse and complex. They are capable of selflessness and kindness and also unspeakable cruelty.  I guess what I am saying is that I don’t have to make up mysterious worlds and superpowers to be fascinated and inspired to write.  People with all their quirks and qualities are inspiring enough for me.
How did you name your characters? I’ve heard of a million little tips and tricks people use, so what’s yours?
 I have to confess.  When I was writing Unbreakable Love, I never intended to publish the book so I threw all my kids names in there just so they could hear their names in the story. I do use the names of people I know, but never as main characters.  For main characters, I keep a mental list of unique or interesting names I heard or read about.  When I am putting together a story, I try it out.  If it feels right, it sticks.  However, Ryan, the bad guy in my next book Shackled did come from a person I know and am not crazy about.  I had to pick a name and a person that felt villianish, and it worked.  You will love to hate Ryan Hillstead.
Where do you see yourself as an Author in five years?
I loved writing Unbreakable Love.  It is a timeless love story, but in five years, I hope to look back and say, that first book was not my best work, not because it was actually poorly done, but because I’ve improved so much.  Already, as I’ve written Shackled, I can feel my growth.  Words are my favorite, and in five years, I hope to be able to wield them more perfectly to tell the stories that need to be told.
If you could pick one song that represents Unbreakable love, that would be featured on its “soundtrack” what would it be and why?
So Close by Jon McLaughlin.  This song was used in the movie Enchanted and it’s perfect to describe Nate and Jennie’s relationship. Throughout the book, there is this intangible longing they feel for each other but between the rules Nate must follow, and Jennie’s self imposed walls of emotional protection, Jennie and Nate always seem to be so close, yet so far away from finally being together.  This creates a delicious sense of anticipation, leaving the reader wondering can they, will they? How will end?
Can you give us a teaser from Unbreakable Love? You know something that will hook and send everyone out to go buy the book right this second
I want to send you right to page 186 of the book and have you read the last 30 pages or so, but that would also be a major spoiler.  Instead, I’ll throw in an excerpt that lets you get a sense of what Nate felt when he realized he was falling in love with Jennie.
The band began to wind down from a more upbeat tune and seamlessly slipped into a much softer ballad.  Nate had been reminding himself over and over that he was here to be Jennie’s protector and forced himself to stand unmoving in the swaying music.  Jennie had another idea. 
Firmly, without asking for permission she tightened her grip on his hand and led him to the dance floor. As Jennie pulled their two bodies close, Nate had to look away.  Now he couldn’t see her eyes, but he could feel every curve of her body, and worst of all every breath she took reminded him of the fragile nature of her life and his role in it. 
Forgive me Celeste he thought as he enjoyed the feel of holding her close.   
Couples around them chattered as they danced but Nate and Jennie danced slowly, barely moving, with their cheeks so close that Nate could feel the warmth radiating from her soft skin. Nate was losing resolve; his mind was muddled with confusion.  He just wanted to feel her downy cheek against his own.  He could smell the scent of her shampoo and hungered to know what it felt like to run his fingers through her silky curls. He tried again to picture Celeste with her angry scowl.  He tried anything to derail his feelings but they were solidly on track.
What was your biggest struggle you faced with the production of Unbreakable love, and how did you overcome it?
The hardest thing…mmm. Choosing to become a published author is like trying to break into a big Italian family.  At first, they look at you with suspicion, like you’ve got to prove yourself.  Then there is the language, nuances and culture you have to understand in order to be genuinely part of what is going on. After you figure that out, they embrace you and kiss you and feed you to death and it is the greatest experience. Can you tell I dated an Italian?  The publishing world is not much different.  You have to prove yourself, learn the language, culture and nuances, but it is also full of incredibly cool people.  The hardest part for me….getting up to speed and still keeping up with my family.  However, it has been completely worth it.
Finally, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors? Maybe a lesson that you’ve learned that you’d like to share.
I kind of hinted at what is hard about being the newbie in the publishing business, but I do have some specific advice. Before you even submit your work to be published, get to know the book bloggers and authors on line and in person.  They are amazing and they know the ins and outs of the business. Then, read constantly. Your mind will be filled with ideas and a love for the written word and that can translate into better writing for you.  I know this is not new advice, but it so works!!!  Besides, now I spend money on books and justify it by calling it research.  How cool is that!

Now, why don’t we check out the cover and blurb for Unbreakable Love!

Jennie Townsend is unlucky in love, so she is immediately suspicious when a mysterious new student named Nate tries to gain her friendship. But there is something special about Nate, and in spite of her best efforts Jennie finds her feelings for the boy growing deeper every day.
In fact, Nate is more special than Jennie can even imagine. He is a guardian angel, sent to protect Jennie during a most dangerous time in her life. To do so, he must first become close to her – but not too close. The rules for Protectors warn against physical contact and strictly forbid falling in love. But the more time Nate spends with Jennie, the harder the rules are to follow. Will Nate be able to save Jennie from a premature end, or will his own emotions – and Jennie's – get in the way of completing the task for which he was specifically chosen?
With Unbreakable Love, Angela Carling has created a captivating story for young adult readers, with a refreshing twist on relationship issues. It is an ode to the magical power of true love, a tribute to belief in a benevolent higher power that watches over us and surrounds us every day of our lives. –Quoted from Goodreads

A big shout out of awesomness goes to Angela, thank you for stopping by, sharing a little about you and your novel, Unbreakable Love!

Remember the contest to win a signed copy of Angela Carlings novel is International, you only need to comment for a chance to win. A winner will be announced on Monday.

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