Artsy Fartsy Friday: Taria Reed (Cover Artist)

So, usually we have a ton of Authors on the blog, but today I thought, why not a change? Since behind every great Author is an amazing Cover Artist, why not have my great cover artist on the blog!
Please welcome Taria Reed to the blog, where she’ll talk about herself, her covers and her favourite books J
Welcome Taria, can you describe yourself in five words of less?Gee, way to start off with an easy Um, I’d have to say serene, happy, loving, creative, and funny.
If you were hungry (it’s okay if you are) and you wanted a snack that probably isn’t healthy for you, what would it be?
I’m not really a huge snacker, but lately I’ve been on a baking kick, so I’d say honey oatmeal raisin walnut cookies.
Say you are going to sail across the world in a little yacht, you only have room to bring two books, what would they be and why?
Only two books? That’s a tough question, I love so many books but I’d have to say.... Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning, and Lover Awakened by J. R. Ward. I love a tortured hero.
You’ve produced some awesome looking covers—including the one for A Stiff Kiss—did you always want to be a cover artist?Nope, not at all. I started out being a child photographer. When I started offering digital art pieces to my clients I branched out into digital art in general. The responses I got to my artwork was that some of my pieces would be awesome book covers so the seed was planted.
If you didn’t always want to be a Cover Artist, how did you fall into it?
I’ve always loved looking at beautiful covers but never thought to do it myself until I was asked by a self published author to revamp the cover for her book. Once I finished her cover and got her feedback I got a few more self published covers and it all snowballed from there. After I got a few covers under my belt I realized how much I loved the creative process of designing covers. I reached out to a few publishing houses with cover artist inquiry letters and here I am today, a cover designer/photographer!!
What is your favourite part about creating a Cover?
I’d have to say my favorite part is seeing the finished product. I start with a blank slate and then I create an art piece to represent the author’s hard work. That is an amazing feeling.
Authors are probably hard to please, sometimes, right? To make the Cover Art process go smoother are there any tips you can give us?
Authors? Hard to please? Surely you jest!! Lol.
To make my job easier I’d say that authors need to just give as much detail as possible when they fill out the cover info sheets. Also, I’d say they should be realistic. Most of the time cover artists are using stock images to create their cover, but sometimes it’s hard to find a photo to match the idea the author has in their heads. Cover artists are at the mercy of stock photographers. I’m lucky in that I’m a photographer with my own studio so I can sometimes shoot my own images so the outfit is right as well as the pose, but I’m not without my own limitations.
What are some skills that you’ve taken from your day to day life that makes creating Covers easier?
Definitely my photography training, and my patience of
But a Cover isn’t the only thing you design is it? Can you tell us what else you can do for Authors?
I offer a variety of promotional designs for Authors. I can create bookmarkers, blog banners, custom twitter backgrounds, t-shirts, trading cards, tote designs, etc... you name it and I’ll design it.
Can you share with us three of your favourite covers? Maybe tell us a bit about them?
I honestly don’t think I have a favorite cover. Like a mother I love all of my covers equally. Such a PC answer I But I do have a special fondness for A Stiff Kiss. Most of my publishers request YA covers from me, but A Stiff Kiss allowed me to create a darker cover so to speak and I love that.

Another cover would have to The More I Find Out by Richard William Clark. This was my first Sci-fi cover. It made me step outside of my box and just create something moody with a twist. I’m very proud of that cover.

Last but not least I’d have to say Other Side Of Forever by Shannon Eckrich. This was a another YA cover and although I didn’t go dark I was able to use color. I loved the result.
Are there any Authors that you would just love to work with?
I would LOVE to be able to design a cover for Larissa Ione, J. R. Ward, Ilona Andrews, Lara Adrian, Gena Showalter, Nalini Singh, or any of the hundreds of authors who’s books grace my
Where would you like to see yourself in five years?
Gee, I’m such a live for the now type of person, in five years..hmmmmm. I definitely see myself designing for three out of the 6 big publishing houses. I also see myself shooting real professional models for use on my awesomely badass

Thank you so much Taria for stoping by, talking about yourself and your awesome covers! I hope one day you get to design covers for all your favourite Authors.
Thanks for having me on your blog, it was fun!!

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  1. Hildie McQueen Says:

    Hello Taria and Avery

    Great choice of books I love the tortured hero too! It's great to hear from a cover artist, the person that brings our books to life in one picture! Love your work. So now i"m off to find me an oatmeal cookie...yum!