The 13 Days of Christmas Giveaway and Showcase! December 9th –December 25th

The 12  13 Days of Christmas Giveaway and Showcase! December 8th –December 25th
Wow, it seems we have a Baker’s Dozen of great Authors and Book Reviewers!
Each day (Starting on Thursday) we will feature a different Author or Book reviewer for the 13 Days of Christmas. But wait, 13 days? Typically there are only 12 days of Christmas that start on Christmas Day and run into January. I’m not one to follow rules—which benefits you guys even more! So, for 13 days you’ll get to learn about all the wonderful books out there from across the globe, through Cover and Blurb Features with a mini interview or a Guest Blog Post or anything fun these Authors have come up with!
What makes these 13 Days even more special? Each featured day will also be accompanied by a great giveaway! But wait, that’s not all, what giveaway wouldn’t be complete without a super awesome massively huge Grand Prize? At the end of the contest one lucky entrant will receive a whole slew of gifts in a Prize Package to make any reader’s mouth water.
Also I want to give a big shout out to all that have joined our awesome line up, we’ve got some great Authors and one really fantastic Reviewer who deserves to be singled out. Read 2 Review did a great job of spreading the word about the contest and helping me line up Authors!! Thanks so much!
Now, here are the Rules, because sadly, there just has to be rules...
The contest will start, officially at 12am on December 8th and Run until 11:55pm on December 24th.
You MUST comment to be entered to win both the day’s giveaway and to be eligible for the Grand Prize. However, one comment per individual day post.
You can comment on more than one featured daily giveaway prize post, in fact it’s encouraged, and for each comment you post, you will get one (1) entry towards the grand prize.
In order to win you must be a permanent resident of the planet earth, must be 13 years or old (or have parent consent)
Each contest will run until the end the 24th of December 11:55pm Standard Mountain Time with all prizes as well as the Grand Prize to be announced on Christmas Day—December 25th Standard Mountain Time.
If you are selected a winner, and cannot be notified by e-mail (ie. you posted a comment only using your name) you will have 72 Hours (December 27th) to notify me—Avery Olive—via to claim your prize. If a winner does not contact me to claim their prize a new winner will be selected. If for some reason you want to win and you know you will be out of town and unable to respond please let me know prior to the draw date where I can make a note of it.
Though it is not mandatory each entrant is encouraged to follow blogs and or share the contest via Twitter, Facebook or any other social media networking site. Giveaways, as well as learning about literature is best mentioned through word of mouth as well as advertising.
To win any of the prizes mentioned, there is no purchase required however, one winner will be selected per giveaway post (unless otherwise stated) as well as one Grand Prize winner. All winners will be randomly selected.
That’s it, that’s all!
Come back each day, check out who’s featured, what their giving away and enter to win some amazing prizes!
Here is a list of each featured participant and their giveaway prize, just to get you excited about it!
December 8th –Day 1-Avery Olive 
1 Faux Gator Black Journal and 1 package of my favourite super awesome erasable pens.
December 9th –Day 2- Dan Wright -
1 Signed Paperback of Trapped in Draconica plus one Omake signed by artist Alexia M Centeno.  

December 10th –Day 3- Clare Marshall
1 e-copy of Within
December 11th –Day 4- Hildie McQueen 
1 e-copy of Desperate Betrayal, a bookmark and keychain.
December 12th –Day 5-Read 2 Review 
A massive e-book prize bundle
1. When, Were, & Howl: A Very M-Were-y Christmas by Jeanette Raleigh
2. When Copper Suns Fall by KaSonndra Leigh
3. Tales Told Under the Covers: Zombie Girl Invasion & Other Stories by DeAnna Knippling
4. Shattered Wings by Bryan Healey
5. Unnatural Law by Natasha Larry
6. A Secret Life by C.J. Archer
7. Seven Point Eight by Marie Harbon
8. A Bella Street Mystery: Secret Formula by Clare Havens
9. Airion: Return To Zire by J.S. Council
10. The Keepers by Monique James

December 13th –Day 6-Griffin Hayes 
1 e-copy of Malice
December 14th –Day 7 –Clare Havens -
3 e-copies of 'A Bella Street Mystery: The Secret Formula'
December 15th –Day 8 –Sherry Soule
1 e-copy of Beautifully Broken
December 16th –Day 9 –J. F. Jenkins 
1 e-copy of The Dragon's Saga: Legend of the Oceina Dragon and
1 e-book of Vala: Agendas.

December 17th –Day 10-Chelsea Fine 
1 signed paperback copy of Anew
December 18th – Day 11 –Christine Ashworth
1 e-copy of Demon Soul
December 19st –Day 12 –Michelle Clay 
1 e-copy of Bitter Black Kiss
December 20nd –Day 13 –Cindy Young-Turner 
1e-copy of Thief of Hope

And here's the contents of the super huge, awesome Grand Prize!!

But wait, as if this contest wasn't massive enough!!!
If I can reach 200 followers by Christmas Eve (Decemeber 24) I will add in another awesome prize for one of my lucky blog followers!

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  1. Angela Drake Says:

    NO comments? What's up with that? I thought this was an awesome interview. Kudos to mom. And yeah, that little mouse flashdrive is just too cute to pass up. LOL Great getting to know you a bit, Avery. I'm looking forward to the remaining 12 days! Christmas Blessings! ~ Angela

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