Book Review: Loves Long Shadow by Ciara Knight

Contest are fun, aren’t they? Well last week I went to Ciara Knight’s Twitter Release Party for Loves Long Shadow, and came out with a fancy new e-copy of her book. And when I say I went to the party, I really mean I hung out in my PJ’s while getting my son ready for bed and "played on my phone," to which my son kept telling me to stop “texting.” Either way, winning a book in my world is like winning the lottery. It came totally unexpected and made my day just that much better.
So, of course, I had to read it right away. And really, the second my son’s head hit his pillow I loaded it onto my Kindle and off I went, trapped in reader land until I had devoured Loves Long Shadow. So what better way to express my love for it then to write a review...

Sammy Lorre was cast from Heaven for conduct unbecoming an angel. Living in a demon infested small town with no memory of her previous life, she faces never-ending purgatory until Boon saunters into her life with a promise of angelic love. But is he an angel from Heaven or a minion from the underworld preying on her human emotions? To discover his true identity, she must risk eternal damnation and her heart. – Quoted from Goodreads
I love the cover. There is just something so intense about it, the darkness, the red and orange hues and of course the angel. I immediately was drawn to it, had I not won it from Ciara I would have purchased it no matter what (hell I might still buy it (supporting up and coming Authors is awesome)
This is a short story, or rather a prequel to a series that will be published early next year, so I was reluctant with that in mind. The last short story I read, though awesome, did leave me with a small sense of want. So I feared this wouldn’t live up to the expectation I had already developed. I asked myself questions like, Why bother with a short story prequel, why couldn’t this “back story” be woven into future books...

Loves Long Shadow is a tease, but a welcoming one, yes there was that definite feeling of wanting more when it was over, but that was because it was just that good. This short story I think really sets the stage for the characters of Sammy and Boon. Instantly we are swept up into their story, learning a few crucial things that will surely add that much more excitement to the coming books. I think with this little snippet into their lives, we can see, just how much love there is between these two characters. It’s strong enough I was nearly brought to tears when it was over. And of course, I’m hooked. I cannot wait until the next books come out.
But, I’m still not sure of the purpose of this short story, I loved it, the writing was beautiful, emotional and the characters were amazing. The world that Ms. Knight created and teased us with is well thought out, and shows us what we can expect from her future novels, which will be greatness, I’m sure.
Could this have been a prologue in the first book, or woven into it as back story? I think so, but it doesn’t matter. This was a great read, and it does its job. I think any reader that comes across Loves Long Shadow will fall in love, and beg for more.

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  1. Ciara Says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review, Love's Long Shadow. It is a short work of fiction to introduce the world to young adult readers. The three books in the series are told in her brother's POV and Gaby Moore. It's not just an angel and demon story, it is a complete battle for souls with many different warriors, hunters, demons, fallen angels, lost souls, and whatever Gaby Moore turns out to be. :)