Blog Award: I've got One Lovely Blog!

Okay, so I’m a little behind on posting this, but better late than never! So without further adieu may I present to you, my very nice and shiny One Lovely Blog Award! See it’s over there à somewhere. Isn’t it just pretty? I’d like to thank the very nice and gracious Juliana Haygert for bestowing this wonderful honour upon me.
Now, the rules of this award are just like the Versatile Blogger Award. I have to share seven things with you, thank the person that gave me the award and pass the award on to others.
So, last time I shared seven things about myself that all fit into a theme. I think to keep things fun, and just  a little bit more challenging I will share seven things that fit into another theme.
1.       I once travelled all around the states for many months, only eating chicken fingers and Clubhouse Sandwiches.
2.       Chicken fingers and Clubhouse sandwiches are my fall back meals. If I go to a place that I’m unsure of, well I order my fall back food, because it’s pretty hard to screw up chicken or a sandwich.
3.       I wouldn’t be Canadian if I didn’t admit to loving French Fries covered in copious amounts of Gravy and Cheese. Now, a Poutine can be made more than one way, with shredded cheese or with cheese curds... I prefer shredded cheese as it melts nicer.
4.       I went many years not eating Steak. I thought it was gross, that when it was well-done it was too touch, but the thought of blood on my plate was sickening. Until I had a perfectly juicy, moist, flavourful steak... and then I was hooked.
5.       I don’t not like popcorn. I once work at a movie theatre, had my fill of it. When I became pregnant the smell of popcorn made me sick. To this day, the popcorn makes my tummy go all silly and the smell makes me want to gag.
6.       My husband is a hunter, sadly he likes to kill Bambi’s and what not. I do not like the taste of Bambi, or Moose, or Elk however, if you toss in some spices and turn it into jerky, well, it masks the gamy taste up so much, it’s actually edible.
7.       I love Teriyaki. I like it on wings, in Stir-Fries, really on anything. However, not all Teriyaki is created equal. A bad sauce can ruin an entire meal.

Now, I get to pass the award on to other’s... This is really hard, but I think I managed to find a few that a worthy of the award J
Chelsea Fine – Her blog is so pretty! She’s got a great novel out, and more to come!
KC Neal - Blue is just one of my favourite colours, so of course, her blog is super cool!
Jena Lang - Her blog is all about elegance!

So, why not check out these great blogs and show them some love!! Congrats girls.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Thanks a bunch for the blog award!